Disposable, Easy to Use, Economical Pipets reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Poly-Pipets specialises in supplying disposable single use pipets worldwide to the Diagnostic, Clinical, Veterinary, Research, and other industries. Designed to deliver the required volume of serum, urine, plasma or other liquid reagents in one drop, these pipets are safer that using glass. Pipets are for single-use only and should be carefully discarded.

We supply many different kinds of pipets with different drop sizes, including Exact Volume Pipets, Single-Use Disposable Dispensing and Spreading pipets, and High Quality General Purpose, Graduated, Fine Tip, and Narrow Stem Polyethylene Transfer Pipets. We also have the expertise to custom design a disposable pipet to meet your specific requirements.

All pipets are manufactured in ISO certified plants.

Exact Volume Pipets

Exact Volume Pipets are the ideal way to transfer the required volume of liquid samples or reagents for diagnostic test kits, clinical laboratories, point-of-care, or home testing. These Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) pipets are available in a range of 11 different drop volumes, from 20uL to 400uL. They are easy to use, and designed to dispense the exact volume held in the stem. Any excess fluid from the draw remains in the bottom bulb.

Single-Use Disposable Dispensing and Spreading Pipets

  • Disposable
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Cost effective Single-Use disposable dispensing and spreading pipets are an ideal replacement for your present method of dispensing reagents or patient specimens in diagnostic kits or point-of-care testing.

Designed to deliver the required volume of serum, urine, plasma or other liquid reagent in one drop, our unbreakable pipets can eliminate the use of fragile glass or other cumbersome pipetting methods. They are frequently used with blood glucose or other point-of-care metres.

These pipets are extruded from virgin polypropylene, heat sealed and trimmed to provide a flat end which may be used for stirring and/or spreading if desired. Drop sizes from 20uL to 100uL can be manufactured to order. We can also offer drop sizes as small as 5uL or 10uL, using this type of pipet with a printed line.

Custom designed pipets

We have been pipet specialists since 1985. Eliminate counting drops. We specialise in making a pipet to meet your unique dispensing requirements, for OEM or private label use.

Our custom manufactured high quality pipet are designed to meet the exacting demands of not only diagnostic kit manufacturers, but all kinds of industries.

Special packaging, individual wrapping, and sterilisation are all available.