PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions’ creative ideas and investment in technology helps it to deliver fully qualified products at high speeds and to ultimate quality standards. The company manufactures a range of products, from advanced wound-care and groundbreaking diagnostic products for the healthcare market, right through to tight tolerance and intricate adhesive tape solutions. It offers unrivalled support and experience in all areas of:

  • advanced wound-care products
  • consumer healthcare products
  • ostomy-bag components
  • surgical-incision films
  • electro-medical, diagnostic and biomedical products
  • wearable device technology
  • fixation devices.

Medical device companies look to PolarSeal for its material and conversion expertise, whether the challenge involved is enhancing an existing product, making it more efficient or uncovering a solution that helps to launch a first-to-market innovation. The company’s key capabilities include wound-care contract manufacturing, wearable device componentry for medical applications, medical device design, material converting, CE marking, and in-house and in-line packing.

Medical material converting

PolarSeal is always breaking new ground in developing the techniques and expertise to stay at the forefront of this demanding field.

The company’s extensive portfolio and global material selection ensure every design can be achieved. Materials include, but are not limited to, PU films and foams, adhesive and non-adhesive non-wovens, and skin-friendly and medically approved adhesives.

Wound-care contract manufacturing capabilities

Continuous innovation and advances in wound-care practices have helped to drive the growth and demand for the design, development, and manufacturing of specialists’ dressings for the treatment and prevention of chronic wounds.

PolarSeal is able to translate designs from concept to reality with an expansive range of wound-care manufacturing capabilities. Using state-of-the-art machinery, and working with all adhesives and constructions, PolarSeal provides the quality assurance that is needed in order for a customer to be assured that their device won’t fail. At PolarSeal, there is active involvement in the development across a wide spectrum of medical dressings, which include island dressings; foam adhesive and non-adhesive dressings; absorbent, compression, antimicrobial and impregnated active dressings; as well as semi-permeable, hydrogel and hydrocolloid, silicone adhesive and PU gel dressings.

In-house and in-line packing

Its full in-house and in-line packaging option provides clients with a complete service and full quality assurance of no risk of transport contamination. Pouched and sterilised products in shelf-ready cartons ensures an efficient, cost-effective option that gives total peace of mind to clients who outsource their woundcare manufacturing.

CE-marking capabilities

PolarSeal has top-level experience in bringing products through the CE-marking process – from concept through to end product. This can be achieved for clients in a timely manner that does not impact upon the exceptional quality of the end product that’s manufactured.

The future of healthcare – wearable technology

Technological innovation has driven rapid growth in the demand for wearable devices. The area surrounding medical devices and wearable capabilities is becoming a demanding, ever-increasing and exciting design proposition to help enhance overall patient experience. Devices have become smaller and more mobile, unlocking innovative ways for healthcare providers to interact with their patients – from performing tests, to collecting data and delivering treatments. Wearable technologies are not only used to monitor a patient’s welfare, but to also act as a method to gather data.

The data provided by wearable technology can provide actionable insight, empowering individuals to make changes to lifestyle habits and make way for a healthier, longer life.

PolarSeal has direct involvement across a variety of sectors within the wearable device industry, and therefore can provide the necessary skin-adhering patches in many forms, in addition to also providing the capabilities for diagnostic devices, delivering high-quality and innovative adhesive solutions. The applications include:

  • health, wellness, safety and diabetes monitoring
  • home rehabilitation
  • treatment efficacy assessment
  • early detection of disorders
  • implanted device charging and biosensors.

Fixation and electro-medical products

Using a wide range of skin-friendly and low-trauma, adhesive-coated products, non-wovens, elastics, foams, and hook and loop products, the company will fast track a design from prototype to full-scale production. Selfadhesive fixation devices include the securing of:

  • IV cannulae lines, central line and urinary catheters
  • umbilical and epidural catheters
  • duodenalm nasal feeding and oxygen tubes
  • eye protection
  • endotracheal tubation
  • haemodialysis catherisation
  • diagnostic and monitoring instruments
  • grounding or earthing applications
  • therapeutic devices
  • iontophoresis
  • pulse oximetry.

Ostomy and continence components

Specialist manufacturers of ostomy and continence devices rely on PolarSeal to provide a host of die-cut and complex multilayer components used in the manufacturing of these essential products. The company manufactures and provides technical support for all primary and secondary ostomy componentry, including adhesive filter covers, carbon and charcoal filters to reduce odour, bag-tail components, hook and loop closure systems, as well as hydrocolloid bag-to-body attachment pieces, flanges and washers.

Consumer healthcare

Hugely diverse applications are to be found in this market sector, and PolarSeal has the capabilities to meet these needs. It finds cost-effective solutions for niche products ranges, such as first-aid and blister dressings, hydrocolloid and hydrogel blister pads, cosmetic and transdermal patches, and podiatry applications.

Diagnostic products

The company has also been involved in this fastgrowing sector from the start, and is fully qualified in this advanced, technical field. The company can offer flexibility in the options possible for design and production, which may include membrane diagnostic requirements, or tape construction and hydrophilic characteristics.

Surgical films

Utilising a range of high-specification and skin-friendly polyurethane films, PolarSeal has the capabilities and experience needed to produce user-friendly incision films for surgical use, inclusive of the retention or removal of the polyethylene support film, liners (including printed liners for branded products), folding and packing into a sealed pouch, and products suitable for gamma and ETO sterilisation.

Quality control

PolarSeal believes it is essential to exceed the demands of customers and to maintain ongoing business relationships. Being certified to ISO standards, and being registered and audited by the FDA, provides recognition of quality management systems. This also demonstrates commitment to providing quality products and services to its many partners, and continuous commitment to high levels of customer satisfaction.