Cost control and visibility are a growing concern in the medical device industry. Pantechnik explains why you can’t achieve one without the other.

Supply chain complexity is one of the top pressures on growing global corporations. This complexity is set to increase as new territories are explored and existing markets saturated. So what can businesses do to help leverage transportation spend?

Medical device executives’ biggest supply chain priority is cost control. According to 2013 research by eyefortransport, 37% of medical device manufacturers rate cost control as a priority, more than twice the number that prioritise visibility (15.2%).

But are these priorities in the right order for achieving the ultimate goal of cost reduction? The simple answer is no. In order to achieve a level of cost reduction that is sustainable and long lasting, a more holistic approach of processes must be adopted.

Introducing a shipping software solution or, more specifically, a carrier management solution helps businesses streamline processes and increase visibility, which ultimately results in reduced business costs and improved service levels and customer satisfaction, which in turn lead to a greater level of control.

With more control and visibility, global corporations arm themselves with the tools that help them to make better decisions that result in reducing business costs and implementing them. Leaders in logistics management are already doing this, integrating enterprise and carrier systems into order-to-cash data flow across the global end-to-end supply and demand network.

Most growing businesses will come to a point where they require a global solution to manage logistics processes. Offering an opportunity to reduce transportation costs is an easy way to grab the attention of any logistics manager. But in the volatile area of supply chain management, businesses must look at the bigger picture rather than focus solely on cost reduction.

One of the biggest obstacles to globalising the medical device supply chain is visibility. Finding a solution that addresses the very specific needs of these businesses is critical to the delivery of end-to-end visibility, connecting products and customers with crystal-clear transparency.

Supply chain management: how Pantechnik can help

Pantechnik’s focus is on improving processes for global corporations. Its solutions are particularly suited to the complex nature of logistics in the medical device industry. Technology is constantly changing and Pantechnik is at the forefront of this change. The company listens to its customers; it wants to know the challenges they encounter and reacts quickly with cutting-edge IT solutions developed using over 25 years’ global industry experience.

In effect, what Pantechnik does is offer a technical solution to a logistics problem. Its solutions help clients develop highly complex distribution patterns, allowing them to achieve accurate delivery schedules. What gives Pantechnik the edge? Not only the breadth of carriers it works with, but also the levels of speed, reliability, system integration and process automation the company can reach – far higher than anybody else.

Security, accountability and compliance with regulatory bodies are key challenges faced by businesses in the medical device industry. The flexibility that Pantechnik is able to achieve in terms of carrier interfaces (it integrates with hundreds of carriers worldwide), and the ability to maintain a high standard of tracking capabilities, allows customers to attain a level of transparency unrivalled by other solution providers.

Carrier management solutions: improve operations and customer satisfaction

Supply chain optimisation requires flawless execution, and high-quality data flow from businesses to carriers and back again. To determine the type of package your business would benefit from, Pantechnik completes an initial analysis of your current shipping processes, identifying operational and company information requirements. Its team can then adapt the company’s solutions to meet your specific business needs.

The result is an efficient and easy-to-manage shipping process that enables operators and carriers to perform at their best. The information generated informs customers and finance and transportation managers, and allows businesses to improve customer satisfaction and reduce manual analysis while increasing insight into cost and performance.

Introducing GSA/XE

GSA/XE, the extended edition (XE) of Pantechik’s Global Shipping Application, is a specialised carrier management system that comprises an open, high-performance and flexible multisite platform.

Providing transparency in a volatile, data-driven environment, GSA/XE is supported by well-managed process automation and a dedicated professional services team who are equipped with in-depth logistics knowledge and experienced in taking on all levels of integration projects.

The XE solution is more than just software; it is an unlimited, universal toolkit that Pantechnik provides as a complete service, underpinned by its team of IT specialists, who keep each system up to date and eliminate failures triggered by data anomalies.

The GSA/XE platform can process many different shipping process flows, fed by various order management, ERP or warehouse management systems. These are translated into shipments in the way your operations require, and act as a data hub between your carriers and internal systems, providing end-to-end visibility and control.

Using GSA/XE is simple yet effective because:

  • shipping documents can be printed on demand on any networked printer
  • carriers receive accurate and secure electronic data transfers
  • finance is notified immediately of estimated shipping costs and stock leaving your premises
  • customer service can track all parcels from any order carried by an integrated carrier
  • logistics managers can track shipping margins and receive the statistics to optimise operations.

In addition to the outbound supply chain, GSA/XE can be adapted to the return process of your operation by producing the right documents and carrier data integration/tracking for inbound shipments.

Optimising the shipping process, the ability to track orders cross-carrier and having an overview of costs, margins and performance not only are key for a winning organisation but also provide for a competitive advantage in a very competitive landscape. Managing cost and delivering high-quality customer service are also crucial to maximising company performance. GSA/XE delivers a service that makes that difference, improving the efficiency of your own operation and satisfying the demands of your customers.

Global shipping software: powered by Pantechnik

Pantechnik powers logistics solutions for a wide range of global corporations in the medical device and other industries. Its solutions enhance efficiency and enforce best practice for high-volume shippers across all stages of the shipping process.

The company measures its success on its customers’ success. It believes in providing quality services for your business that provide real results, improving operational performance and saving customers money. Many companies in the industry are already using Pantechnik’s services to achieve financial and service targets, by improving operational efficiency, customer support, financial flows and stock management.

Companies using logistics solutions powered by Pantechnik include Philips Healthcare, IDEXX Laboratories, Abbott, Hospira, Bausch + Lomb, Microtek Medical, Smiths Medical, ConvaTec, Jovident and Leardal.