As a leading global provider of vision inspection and traceability systems, OPTEL has a true understanding of medical device industry challenges regarding product and packaging integrity, device identification and tracking – from manufacturing, all the way to the patient.

OPTEL’s expertise

For the last 30 years, OPTEL has been helping manufacturers in the healthcare sector ensure production quality and packaging integrity.

As a recognised serialisation and traceability leader, our core expertise resides in the development and integration of innovative vision inspection, verification and traceability technologies.

The medical device industry can now benefit from our expertise to reach critical goals:

  • Reduce the number of rejects due to quality issues related to product, seal or packaging integrity
  • Avoid recalls related to mislabeling or printing problems
  • Achieve UDI regulation compliance
  • Efficiently track products along the distribution channel.

The benefits of OPTEL’s solutions

To protect manufacturers’ brands and help maintain or enhance their good reputation, it is crucial to know if a medical device is defective, what the components are, who manufactured it, when and where, and how it was handled and stored. OPTEL’s systems can make everyone involved in the process, from manufacturers and distributors to hospitals, know exactly which products leave the packaging line and where they are, at every step of the supply chain.

Our solutions help manufacturers avoid major setbacks when getting a product to market. They also prevent time-consuming and costly product recalls, ensure compliance with mandatory regulations and obtain information from patients about their usage of the product.

OPTEL’s precise vision inspection technology

OPTEL’s automated vision inspection systems are designed to ensure maximum quality in product marking, packaging and labeling. Once combined with data management, serialisation and outstanding connectivity, they allow manufacturers to make the most of the data being collected on the packaging line and along the supply chain. Our scalable, serialisation-ready systems are renowned for the quality of their cameras, lenses, lightning and software and can also easily connect with ERP systems.

OPTEL’s innovative and flexible automated vision systems offer:

  1. Product inspection: Can determine unit dimensions, shape and color, and verify direct product marking.
  2. Packaging inspection: Inspects seals and packaging integrity in a controlled environment.
  3. Kit inspection: Validates component presence in trays, its shape and dimensions.
  4. Labeling and printing inspection: Checks label presence and orientation; artwork and variable data; barcodes and grading; printing inspection on packaging material such as flexible web, Tyvek, paper, foil and pouches, among others.

Our wide range of solutions

CIS PrintSafe – a 100% guaranteed label inspection solution

The CIS PrintSafe is a 100% web inspection (artwork and variable data) solution using CIS (Contact Image Sensor) inspection technology and an innovative and flexible automated vision system. The CIS PrintSafe was designed to inspect a wide range of web dimensions at high production speeds. Furthermore, the vision system offers verifications such as lot expiration date and label print. It ensures 100% label compliance, 100% of the time, and helps reduce waste while also saving time and money.

HD PrintSafe – the first all-in-one, drop-on-demand printing and inspection solution

The HD PrintSafe is a vision inspection solution specifically developed for large web print and high volumes. On one side is the drop-on-demand printer, a fully integrated ink jet system, working seamlessly with its PC-based print design software. On the other side is a 100% web inspection (artwork and variable data) solution using CIS (Contact Image Sensor) inspection technology, ready for serialisation. The inspection system comes with touchscreen controls to provide a single entry point for day-to-day operations.

Seal Inspection solution – ensuring the quality of medical device packaging quickly and efficiently

OPTEL’s Seal Inspection solution detects contaminants and other anomalies while verifying the integrity of the seal in a real-time, controlled environment. The solution eliminates the risk of human error inherent to manual inspection quality checks. It is designed for both manual and fully automated packaging lines but is particularly suited to cleanrooms, where it can be placed next to sealing machines for vacuum-formed trays with Tyvek, paper or foil lids.

OPTEL’s key differentiators

OPTEL is the ultimate partner for personalised inspection and traceability projects, with experts fully committed to delivering turnkey, proven solutions that can reduce downtimes and keep up the OEE. Our solution designers take into account not only the local working and clean room environments but also the reality of medical device manufacturing.

About us

OPTEL, a leading global provider of vision inspection and traceability systems, is the only company with the ability to offer true end-to-end traceability — from raw materials to the consumer. OPTEL provides cost-effective, turnkey solutions to ensure the quality and integrity of products, comply with legislation, help stop counterfeiting, reduce waste and secure patient safety.

Founded in 1989, OPTEL is a Certified B Corporation headquartered in Canada, with facilities in the United States, Ireland, India and Brazil, as well as employees worldwide.