Omnetics’ Micro 360 and Nano 360 Connectors serve Medical Devices with rugged miniaturisation and high reliability.

Instrument mobility for portable medical equipment, radiology, and patient observation equipment, among other applications, requires quick and easy cable connections. They must help maintain the very high reliability performance demanded of each medical instrument and route signals to other equipment, printers, and display instrumentation. Medical equipment and devices continue to get smaller and more mobile, and the demand for easy plug-and-go functions continues to increase. Equipment changes and "in-field-replacement" is an everyday affair. This puts a high demand on the connectors and cables that connect equipment to other systems. Older designs of many connector-to-cable systems are often too large, too heavy, inflexible, and prone to failure in this new medical portability world.

The new generation of Micro and Nano circular connectors from Omnetics are designed to significantly reduce weight and size while utilising pin and socket elements that have passed tests for rugged performance, such as those specified in Military Specifications like Mil-DTL-83513 for Micro-D connectors and Mil-DTL-32139 for Nano-D connectors. The new ultra-miniature connectors include internal alignment keys, enhanced blind-mating and a scoop-proof mating system to help prevent patient service staff from mixing cables going to the equipment. The gold-plated pins and sockets have higher insertion and withdrawal forces that further help ensure connector retention in rugged environmental applications.

For direct mounting or insert molding designs, connectors are available in the basic insulator format and are often built-into probe handles, sensor heads or docking stations. Over-moulded systems bonded to the cable provide standalone, pre-wired connector to cable designs. Panel mount models are used for placement in docking-connector formats and match the cable series connectors. The circular connectors with a full metal housing system provide the more conventional mate-and-hold attachments used in larger high-reliability interconnect systems.

Water sealed connectors are often a must as medical equipment is frequently exposed to moisture. For this reason, Micro and Nano connectors from Omnetics can be sealed to above IP67 immersion and splash proof use as well as being safe from dust exposure. To protect against electrical noise, cable can be made with shielding and sealed to metal connector shells to give excellent EMI protection through the cable and the mated connector system.

New pin count and formats are rapidly designed using solid model that is sent to the customer for approval. The design data is used directly to build 3-D models or to cut new metal shape and sizes to meet the application. Connector insulators can be prototyped for performance testing prior to building large volumes. As the ‘Form and Fit’ requirements are achieved, production is turned-on with the digital data from prototype units.

Omnetics is a privately held, world class connector design and manufacturing company with over 35 years of experience focused upon a wide range of Micro and Nano miniature high reliability electronic connectors and interconnection systems. This includes a line of both standard and COTS connectors as well as the popular mixed power and signal connector systems.

Omnetics’ products are designed and assembled in a single location at our plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Processing equipment includes in-house automatic machining and over-moulding equipment, wire crimping systems, and vapour-flow SMT soldering equipment. Omnetics’ proprietary spring-socket system passes the tests specified in Mil-83513 for Micro-D connectors and is QPL status on the new Mil-32139 level program for Nano-D connectors. This allows Omnetics to be a premier supplier in industry applications such as Military, Aerospace, Medical electronics, Petroleum, and Instrumentation.