Kiefel recently unveiled a cutting-edge semiconductor generator for high-frequency welding and a new table filling module for quick and accurate bag filling. The medical technology specialist explains its two latest innovations.

German manufacturer Kiefel has announced two groundbreaking products for the medical industry. Its new semiconductor generator and flexible table filler were unveiled at COMPAMED 2016 in Düsseldorf.

A pioneer in semiconductor technology

Its new welding generator uses cutting-edge semiconductor technology to generate the high-frequency power that was previously supplied by vacuum tubes to heat and join the plastic films (usually PVC, PU or EVA) from which blood or infusion bags are typically made. The generator requires practically no maintenance, is remarkably resistant to wear and tear, and does not exhibit any loss of power throughout its entire service life.

Semiconductor technology also has lower operating and handling requirements, and can be integrated into existing systems. Extremely flexible, its power output can be set freely between zero and the rated power output, enabling customers to carry out a variety of welding tasks with one generator and produce a wide range of products with a consistent weld quality.

At a glance, the Kiefel semiconductor generator offers benefits such as:

  • power maintained throughout service life
  • no need for maintenance simple operation, with no specific knowledge of high-frequency systems required
  • reduced space requirements
  • freely adjustable power output
  • total replacement of existing tube generators
  • closed-loop water-cooling system ideal for use in cleanroom applications.

Patient-specific medication

Kiefel’s table-filling module, with Smartfill technology fills and plugs bags semi-automatically, enabling individually prescribed liquid medications and small filling orders to be transacted quickly and easily.

This expandable module can fill individual dosage volumes of 50ml or more with absolute reliability, and is characterised by space-saving features that include particularly low floor-space requirements.

Flexible and safe

In the new table filled, high accuracy is combined with automatic retractive suction to prevent dripping. Users can adapt the bag uptake process to their own requirements and observe the process through a window. Fully integrated and completely automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilisation-in-place (SIP) systems ensure that production conditions are hygienically flawless. It is also possible to connect to a superordinate production management system such as MES – manufacturing execution system – or ERP – enterprise resource planning. The simplified touch display user interface is another bonus; various options are available to enable a wide range of customer requirements.

The most notable features of the new flexible Kiefel table filling module include:

  • fill volumes starting from 50ml
  • a high degree of filling accuracy
  • customisable bag-uptake process
  • a viewing window
  • fully automatic and integrated CIP/SIP systems
  • possibility to interface with superordinate systems, such as MES or ERP
  • user-friendly operation
  • space-saving design.