New England Tubing Technologies constantly strives to provide innovative solutions to meet the ever changing needs of today's high-tech industries. Drawing on the unique combination of advanced extrusion expertise, extensive wire-processing experience, and vast custom manufacturing knowledge of our parent company, New England Wire Technologies, New England Tubing is well-versed in the specific requirements of numerous industries including medical, industrial manufacturing, and military and aerospace. Providing superior performance tubing is our passion; regardless of application.

New England Tubing Technologies manufactures custom braid or spiral reinforced tubing, lined catheter shafts, hybrid tubing and eTubing™. Our engineering and design experts assist in the development and testing of wire and cable products built for the most technologically advanced cables in the industry. Advanced extrusion expertise and extensive thin-wall, close tolerance tubing, bonding layers of thermoplastic to fluoropolymer and braiding all types. Our Hybrid medical product offerings include micro-miniature coax cables, reinforced silicone rubber cables, low-noise, Parylene or SLEEK coated cables, multi-conductor cables and custom profiles including ribbon cable, zip cord and woven cables; most built to exacting customer specifications.

Innovation with eTubing

Wires in the walls of your tube? Yes we can! NETT's eTubing can customise your tube with added elements such as ultra-miniature coaxial cables, high frequency cables, thermocouples, and high strength/high flex alloys to provide more functionality. Our eTubing designs can add analog and digital transmission of electrical signals for sensor capabilities, powering devices, and temperature/oxygen monitoring features by incorporating these customized wires or cables within the wall of the tube itself.

Braid Reinforced Tubing

With custom manufacturing, the possibilities are endless. By using different braid designs/configurations and varying the density of the braid we can design varied flexibility over the length. This produces a tube that starts out stiff and gradually gets more and more flexible over its length. Tensile and elongation properties can be managed and manipulated by adding a longitudinal member which can increase tensile strength and reduce elongation. New England Tubing can vary the braid, among many other things, to achieve the desired characteristics and qualities that each and every product requires. Pieces can also be cut to length or delivered in bulk depending on your needs.

Hybrid cables incorporate dissimilar components in complex configurations

Our creative engineering staff can design cable incorporating dissimilar components to suit your medical product requirements. We offer cables combining insulated conductors with one or more vent tubes, lumens, thermocouple leads, resistance wires, strength members or any combination of complex configuration.

Lumens / Vent Tubes can be utilised to transfer liquids, gases or other cable components such as fiber optic filaments can be combined with multiple insulated conductors.

Strength Members can be anything from stainless steel cables to monofilaments to aramid fibers with a non fray extrusion can be cabled with other components to yield high tensile strength and low elongation.

Communications components including USB, Cat 5, HDMI, fiber optics or other configurations of coax or twisted pairs can be easily incorporated into the design. Improved versions like autoclave capable, low attenuation, or high flex life can be designed, built and tested in house.

Thermocouple extension wires using ANSI standard materials can be bundled into a cable or added with a jacket for breakout.

High frequency power can be supplied using our custom litz wire preventing heating and saving space and energy.

Magnet wire twisted pairs for low voltage signal can be bundled into many pairs or insulated for breakout with other components such as strength members or power leads.

Resistance wire can be placed in a cable for heating components or placed around tubes to heat the contents.

Spiral Reinforced Tubing

New England Tubing specialises in spiral reinforced tubing, typically used to improve hoop (crush) strength and change flex characteristics of tubing. Our in-house technical staff has designed and built our PLC controlled high speed spiral winders, capable of handling a wide range of tubes and sizes. We have manufactured miniature tubing (< 2Fr or 0.66 mm) used in neurological applications to larger tubing (up to 27Fr or 9.0 mm) used in endoscopy devices for gastrological procedures. We also have the ability to change the density of the spiral over one length which provides varying levels of flexibility throughout that individual piece

Multi-Lumen Tubing

What is a 'lumen'? In simple terms, a lumen is the inside space of a tubular structure. In tubing, lumen are often used for air or fluid evacuation or delivery, or to provide separate access ports for other devices like surgical scissors, stents, or cameras. New England Tubing Technologies manufactures both single and multi-lumen tubing in both reinforced and unreinforced configurations with a variety of custom lumen geometry options. Common requests are for concentric circular lumens, smaller satellite lumens around a larger lumen, the classic double D, oval lumen, "smiley face" lumen, and other shaped lumens.

Parallel Tubing

New England Tubing also manufactures custom extruded parallel tubing, sometimes referred to as Paratubing, in a wide range of thermoplastics and designs. If your application requires parallel tubing with or without additional elements like electrical properties, signal carrying capabilities, or strength members, New England Tubing can provide innovative solutions.

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