MPS Microsystems develops and manufactures high-precision, high-performance and very low-friction electro-mechanical microsystems. Managing the miniaturisation and integration of functions in small spaces, MPS Microsystems provides solutions that meet specific customer requirements. MPS Microsystems also offers a standard range of products, such as linear bearings and ball screws under the "microlinea" trademark.

Located in Bienne, Switzerland, in a modern and well equipped facility, MPS Microsystems offers its 150 employees an exceptional working environment and provides customers with unique capabilities that are perfectly suited to the requirements of the medical and high-tech sectors.

MPS belongs to the Faulhaber Group, the German manufacturer of micromotors (

Applications for the medical industry (selection)

Implantable drug pump

MPS Micro Precision Systems produces an implantable peristaltic pump (AIMD Class 3) that consumes very little energy, is biocompatible and corrosion-resistant. Used for the programmable administration of morphine, ziconotide and Lioresal, it enables the treatment of severe chronic pain and spastic paralysis.

Partnerships fostered through direct and trusted contacts, control of the design and manufacture of titanium bearings with ceramic balls, and the capacity and know-how for accurate assembly under optimal conditions for controlling particle concentration have all enabled MPS Micro Precision Systems to establish an industrial tool and a qualified supplier network.

Biocompatible implantable actuators

MPS develops miniature implantable biocompatible actuators aimed at supporting organ functions of the human body. Produced by MPS, these systems combine cutting-edge technology and technical innovations.

To date, the technology developed by MPS is used for urinary incontinence and long bone lengthening. These systems are considered as active implantable medical devices (AIMDs) and have been patented.

MPS has developed an intelligent system for the bidirectional transmission of data and wireless power transfer from a control box to the implant.

The motorised part of the implant is encapsulated and the mobile systems are totally biocompatible. Mechanical and electrical, they have been designed to reduce friction and other sources of energy loss to a minimum, therefore ensuring very little energy consumption.

Miniature hexapode for spine surgery

In close collaboration with our customer, MPS produces a miniature and extremely accurate hexapod robot, which is used to assist surgeons during spine operations. Movements are enabled by six linear actuators, each operated by 5mm brushless motors manufactured by the Faulhaber group.

Each actuator ensures precise movement of 1µm and is controlled in a closed circuit by an inductive sensor.

Miniaturised, tested and calibrated at MPS, the hexapod has a diameter of 50mm, a height of 80mm and weighs 330g. The manufacturing processes are validated and the suppliers qualified according to regulatory requirements for class 2 medical devices.


Eye tomography and cataract operations require the focus of the laser beam to be very precise. MPS has developed high-precision miniature lens actuators for manufacturers of ophthalmic devices.

These actuators consist of a 10mm micromotor, a ball screw system and a linear guideway. The system is designed in such a way that it is able to compensate for the imperfection of axes alignment. The most stringent requirement is to find the 0-position with a precision of 1µm between each measurement.

MPS competences

Research and development

The high level of training and experience of its micro-mechanics engineers allows MPS to quickly develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of its customers. Our developments and documentation meet the international standards of the medical market.

Fully equipped, the prototyping workshop guarantees the production and modification of rapid prototypes, free from the logistical constraints of mass production. The equipment includes lathes, milling machines, wire erosion machines and grinding machines.

The test laboratory equipment is used to carry out service life tests for systems developed by MPS, noise measurements, traction tests, torque measurements and simple measurement systems.

Manufacturing (precision as a key value of MPS)

The turning and milling workshop has 16 CNC turning and milling machines. Each work bench is equipped with measuring instruments for controlling, at any time, the quality of the products manufactured.

Acquired over many decades, MPS’s heat treatment knowledge is essential to achieve the material properties needed for the performance of the systems manufactured. MPS also has expertise in deburring and washing components.

MPS sets itself apart thanks to its grinding and polishing expertise. In these workshops, components achieve dimensional precision of less than one micron, through centreless grinding, external / internal diameter grinding, and mirror surface finishes (Ra < 0.1µm). All MPS ball screws have threads that are grinded on latest-generation equipment.

MPS manufactures high-quality (ISO grade 3) miniature stainless steel and ceramic (zirconium oxyde) balls with diameters between 0.130mm and 1.588mm.


MPS specialises in the micro-assembly of complex systems that require specialist knowledge and specific expertise.

The size of parts and the required precision necessitate a controlled atmosphere in the entire assembly workshop, with continual air change and filtration. A clean room ISO 7 is available for implantable medical applications.

Our main skills include the assembly of micro-components, laser welding, laser marking, gluing, precision lubrication, washing and pairing, enabling adjustments of less than 0.2µm.

The workshop is organised according to "lean manufacturing" principles. Dedicated cells are set up when necessary.


The MPS Quality department ensures the continuation of certification: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, ISO 14001:2004

In order to guarantee the delivery of products that observe legal requirements, MPS prepares the files that are essential for certifications (European Directives 93/42/EC, 90/385/EEC, 21CFRpart820, etc.) and for medical devices to be placed on the market.

Project management

In our project development process, customers are in close contact with a dedicated project manager, who ensures close communication and coordination with the internal project team and external partners.

The MPS management system integrates the project management process.