Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM) is a leading global manufacturer of thermoplastic semi-finished and finished products, as well as carbon fiber reinforced composites. With countless solutions for the most challenging application areas worldwide, MCAM has created successes for our customers in a wide variety of industries over many decades, such as healthcare, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace, energy, and semiconductor/electronics.

For the healthcare industry, MCAM focuses on intense material and application research, and is constantly finding new solutions that secure and restore a high standard of quality of life for millions of patients worldwide.

The MCAM portfolio of materials and solutions includes raw materials, semi-finished products, and implantable polymers for both short-term (up to 24 hours, or up to 30 days) and long-term contact (permanent implants) with body tissues and fluids.

Short-Term Body Contact Duration <24 hours

The MCAM Life Science Grade (LSG) portfolio consists of ISO 10993/USP Class VI pre-assessment tested thermoplastic shapes developed for the fabrication of medical devices, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment. Customers have found that it meets their requirements for a range of applications (>24 hours fluid and tissue contact) and a wide variety of sterilization and performance needs.

MCAM has extensive experience in developing high-performance materials for medical device components, which come with a combination of benefits such as X-ray transparency, high stiffness, autoclave ability and tight tolerances, to assure precise, safe, and high-quality surgery.

Long-Term Body Contact Duration and Implant Materials

The MCAM MediTECH® Implantable Polymers division manufactures thermoplastic shapes compliant to ASTM F648 and ISO 5834-2 for UHMW-PE, and ASTM F2026 for PEEK for use in Class III Implants (>30 days).  Implantable polymers can be used for surgical orthopaedic implant applications such as large joint orthopedics, knee and hip implants, spinal cages, and suture anchors.