Ming Tai Industrial is a manufacturer of steel strip springs for medical devices. Our products include: constant force spring, constant torque spring, constant force spring for carbon brush, power spring and pre-stressed power spring, variable force spring and spring-strip tube. Ming Tai is capable of serving its customers from the technical support stage of development, as well as in the prototype, trial run, mass production, spring mounting and assembly stages.

The company is based on Taiwan and was founded in 1966. Today Ming Tai has factory area of approximate 5600m2, and isequipped with various special precision steel-strip spring forming machines that support production. Each manufacturing procedure – steel strip slitting, heat treatment, edge trimming, forming process – is produced consistently and completed in-house to ensure highest quality requirement.

Most specific, computerised production machinery is built in-house by Ming Tai, which enables Ming Tai to produce a wide variety of steel strip springs, to meet all kinds of industrial applications. Ming Tai has precision instruments to do force, torque, product life-testing to ensure stable quality. Ming Tai is certificated with ISO 9001: 2008 and RoHs.

Ming Tai is sufficiently stocked with a variety of raw material to enable us to provide customers with prototypes and the ability to run mass production quickly. It shortens lead times for customers and helps them make new products in good time for the market!

Constant Force Spring for Height Adjustable of patient bedside table application

The constant force spring is one type of steel strip spring. It boasts a high force output with very small space requirements, and exerts nearly constant force during its entire extension. Constant force spring also features short initial pre-tension; it means that can afford the rated load at short extension, and to provide long extension capability.

Ming Tai uses laminated technology to make the constant force spring more powerful and durable. For height adjustable patient bedside table application, Ming Tai presents three colour spools to refer to 40N, 60N and 80N force respectively to meet your medical device need.

Power Spring for Patient Bed Trapeze Application

Power Springs, also known as clock springs, are formed by winding a steel strip on an arbor, then into a case or retaining ring to create a compact power source. When a power spring is released, it assumes a spiral shape.

Power spring features retracting function, it can be applied for trapeze, which is installed behind the patient’s bed. When patient want to set upright, he can grip the trapeze as an auxiliary to help him move easily.

There are a number of different power spring design possibilities for a given medical device application, but we strongly suggest you to consult with a Ming-Tai engineer early in the design phase.

We will create an optimised power solution to meet individual product demands. Custom designs are available as well.

Innovative Constant Force Spring drives Pen-type Drug Injector with precision performance

Pen-type drug injectors have become increasingly common with patients suffering from chronic illnesses, because it is convenient to carry and use, and reduces the chances of wound infection.

Ming Tai has innovated and developed three kinds of steel-strip spring for pen-type drug injector application, including constant force spring, power spring, and variable force spring. Both power spring and constant force spring drive pen-type injector inject the drug. Powered by Ming Tai’s innovative spring technology, precision pen-type drug injectors perform strongly, and the force profile of a constant force spring can precisely match the typical syringe glide force profile.

Such technological achievements are highly appreciated by the manufacturers of drug delivery system providers. In the future, patients will even be able to use pen-type injectors to inject B-type hepatitis drugs, interferon, diabetes and other bio-engineering drugs at home.

Ming Tai Industry Company has plenty of experience in helping customers understand and use the various steel strip spring design and its applications. You are welcome to contact Ming Tai for more information about power springs for pen-type drug injectors.

Stainless steel strip spring tube for Bowden Cable application

Based on five decades of steel strip spring manufacturing experience, Ming Tai is now glad to present its newly developed stainless steel strip helical spring.

The helical spring, made from stainless steel strip, is wound into a round helical cross section, because its elasticity and flexibility are better than those made of wire. It is normally used in static or slow dynamic applications, often in very low temperatures.

The stainless steel strip spring tube (helical spring) is designed for use in the inner tube of Bowden cable for endoscope application and snake camera, as a radial or axial compression energizer. The stainless steel strip spring tube is also used in special oil seal. The product performs highly in terms elasticity and flexibility, and is also also temperature proof.