Whether in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, automotive or electrical industries, the demands from customers have risen sharply in recent years. In an extremely competitive market, pressure on performance is rising and the lead time for new products is getting ever shorter.

An assembly solution often has to be ready before all the details of the new product are even known. In many cases, assembly solutions also need to be frequently switched to another variant. So it is no wonder that demand for innovative, cost-optimised solutions has risen dramatically over the past few years. The future belongs to agile automation systems that can be expanded and enhanced easily and cost-effectively – from the development phase through to fully automatic production.

"The future belongs to agile automation systems that can be expanded and enhanced easily and costeffectively – from the development phase through to fully automatic production."

From the first prototypes up to fully automatic production lines

Will production trials continue in low quantities? Or is it now time to search for a fully automated solution for large volumes? When looking for assembly solutions, manufacturers need a partner that leaves all options open to them. With its modular and scalable platforms, Mikron is always thinking and acting one step ahead.

"Customers appreciate the cooperation with Mikron because, with our many years of experience, we think beyond the horizon and advise them on how to prepare the line for the next steps," points out Felix Arrieta, general manager of Mikron SA Boudry in Switzerland. "From the design for assembly to the proof of principle, from the validation process through to the pilot line, and to the highest-performance production, our full range of G05 automation and feeding platforms serves our customers in the long term."

"A major factor in our success is that we have a close partnership with our customers in order to understand their needs, allowing us to react immediately," says Rolf Rihs, president of the Mikron Automation division. "That is why the scalability of our automation systems is so important."

Mikron’s customers can count on a knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy partner. Thanks to its standardised platform philosophy, going from the manual workplace to the fully automatic cell, Mikron offers almost unlimited layout options. Throughout the whole process, it is easy to redeploy and reconfigure whenever necessary. This considerably increases cost efficiency and greatly shortens delivery times. What is more, using the company’s standard platforms, process stations are validated at an early stage and can be transferred from one automation level to the next.

Minimum risk with flexible production starts

The key word in the brave new world of flexible automation systems is ‘scalability’.

"For customers, the new approach means minimum risk, and a faster, reliable and more flexible production start – in several stages if required," says Arrieta.

For many years, Mikron Automation has enjoyed an excellent international reputation as a partner for high-performance automation solutions in the large-scale manufacture of precision products.

"For many, however, the fact that Mikron Automation is also one of the leading providers of scalable and flexible automation systems is the base for the future," adds Arrieta.

Mikron is thus strengthening its industry position as a first-choice, long-term partner.