The Micro Systems Technologies (MST) Group is specialised in developing and manufacturing miniaturised, integrated electronic module solutions with highest reliability from one source.

Clients of MST Group work in technologically advanced industries that demand exceptional performance and the highest Ievel of reliability.

Its synchronised operations facilities are located in Switzerland, Germany and the US, with more than 1,100 employees. This enables MST to be active worldwide and maintain global business relationships.

The MST Group comprises four companies, each specialising in a different area.

Medical microelectronics

DYCONEX is based in Bassersdorf, Switzerland. It provides high-density interconnect (HDI) / microvia PCBs in flex, rigid-flex and rigid technology, and packaging substrates.

Micro Systems Engineering GmbH has its facilities in Berg, Germany. The company produces complex low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrates and provides advanced assembly and semiconductor packaging processes.

Based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, US, Micro Systems Engineering, Inc develops and manufactures complete electronic modules, and carries out SMD assembly and testing.

High-performance batteries

LITRONIK Batterietechnologie is based in Pirna, Germany. It manufactures high-performance batteries (based on lithium-iodine and Iithium manganese dioxide) for active medtech implants.

Components and modules for active implants requiring high-reliability

The development and manufacture of components and modules for life-sustaining medical devices and other critical applications typify the quality awareness and the management systems of all MST companies.

The effectiveness of these quality systems is confirmed by official certification of the MST companies to IS0:9001, ISO:13485, as well as other sector-specific standards.

Integrated solutions for medical applications

Starting with the specifications phase, through design prototypes up to volume production, the MST Group is a reliable partner for turning any idea into a marketable product.

MST's offering includes:

  • Electronic modules: design, substrate manufacturing, semiconductor packaging, board assembly, assembly of additional parts, test services
  • Batteries and battery packs: customer-specific developments, standard products for initial Iaboratory tests or small manufacturing runs.

If you would like more information or require a specific solution, please get in touch.