The district of Tuttlingen is one of the leading locations in the medical technology sector. Its attractiveness reaches far beyond the country`s borders. It counts a concentration of more than 400 enterprises and bears the name World Center of Medical Technology.

For many years, tradition and innovation go global from here.

Nonetheless, the strongly regulated market and an intense competitive environment rise permanent challenges for the sector. That is why a well-focused management of continuous advancement and an innovative network are an indispensable basis for long-term global success.

MedicalMountains is a cluster initiative for the MedTec industry based in the heart of the World Center of Medical Technology. Our particular interest is to strengthen innovative capacity and long-term competitiveness for single companies as well as the whole medical technology business cluster.

For this purpose we actively represent the interests of MedTech enterprises on a political level, encourage innovation and technology transfer by directing work groups or R&D projects, organise training seminars, informative events and support on other service topics.

But MedicalMountains is more than just a loose affiliation of companies. More than 90% of them are small and mid-sized businesses. Therefore the importance of a network is even more crucial than it was then. The medical sector is experiencing constant change and increasing competition worldwide. For companies of any size, collaboration and exchange with regional partners brings immense knowledge and a lead in technology – as well as enhancing the appreciation of the location for the region itself.

MedicalMountains brings order to this natural, mutual structure. The focus of the cluster initiative is to promote growth, strengthen competitive advantages, and increase even more the sector’s international visibility. For this purpose MedicalMountains provides a platform for regular dialogue and technology transfer, initiating project works, promotes qualification and other services.

Our way of working is based on a close collaboration with the companies of our network and represents actively the interests of MedTech enterprises.