Mecmesin is a leading global designer and manufacturer of force, materials and torque test systems for testing the physical strength of all kinds of medical devices.

Medical device manufacturers operate in one of the world’s most competitive and highly regulated industries, where patient safety is critical. Product reliability and lives hinge on compliance to standards, time-to-market and traceability. Using Mecmesin products to test the physical properties of medical device products and materials ensures regulatory compliance and protection of brand reputation.

Mecmesin is UK-headquartered, with subsidiary companies in Europe, the US and Asia, plus a worldwide distributor network. We operate under ISO 9001 quality standards, and for over 40 years our test equipment has been used to guarantee the quality of finished products and materials across many diverse industries. Equipment is ideally suited for use in R&D, the QC laboratory and on the factory floor.

Mecmesin offer a wide range of products, from simple hand-held instruments through to fully comprehensive computer-controlled test systems to suit many test applications and budgets. The company also supplies a wide range of accessories and gripping fixtures and in addition Mecmesin engineers can also design and manufacture bespoke solutions to meet your own unique criteria.

Gaining an in-house capability for quality assurance, rather than outsourcing, is a major cost and time reduction benefit for many of Mecmesin customers. Medical devices are often assemblies comprised of a number of individual components. Should a seal be out of alignment, the device may not function correctly and maintain its performance. Mecmesin testers can display an instant, pass/fail indication against defined criteria, immediately flagging a potential problem with a source of supply.

Our VectorProTM software was developed in collaboration with our customers within the medical industry. It incorporates operator permissions security, audit trail features and database architecture to support FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance environments. Our latest feature allows the use of barcode readers to quickly scan the UDI of a medical device and report it alongside its test results.

When required we can also assist you with Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification protocols (IQ/OQ/PQ).

In a highly regulated industry, safety-driven compliance impacts all areas of the supply chain. Standards bodies such as the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), US Pharmacopoeia (USP), ASTM, ISO, EN and FDA have individual test standards cover everything from packaging, drug delivery devices to medical product design and formulation. Our customers appreciate the versatility of Mecmesin equipment to test in accordance with these standards.

Whether it is testing the torque integrity of Luer connectors, the glide force of syringes, the insertion, penetration and extraction force of needles, the physical strength of drug delivery devices, medical tubing, medical textiles, prosthetic joints & bone screws, the application and removal torque of tamper-evident and child-resistant closures (CRCs) and many more applications; Mecmesin force, materials and torque test equipment provides you with easy-to-use and affordable solutions to your quality control requirements.