LISK began its operations in Ireland in 1980 and is today the European design and manufacture centre for the New York-based company. Founded in 1910; G.W. LISK originally manufactured pressed metal goods and in 1948 the company manufactured its first solenoids.

Today LISK applies its engineering and solenoid design expertise across a wide range of applications as diverse as:

  • aerospace
  • medical
  • industrial
  • automotive
  • railway.

The LISK team are dedicated to total customer satisfaction and, excellent service. LISK has over 50 years of experience, and custom designs to leverage for your solution and the engineering resources to develop new and custom solenoids, solenoid valves and sensors for your unique applications.

Medical industry

Through our 20 plus years manufacturing solenoids for medical applications we have grown our expertise and knowledge of customer requirements and created strong partnerships with our clients. Our solenoids help our medical device manufacturing partners to use energy more efficiently and build more compact and portable equipment.

Our expert solutions are used in dialysis equipment and for applications for the critical control of body fluid.

LISK Pinch Valves

LISK pinch valves are designed for critical fluid control applications such as dialysis equipment, anesthesia equipment, ventilators and respirators. The features of our medical pinch valves include:

  • long life cycle-tested product
  • custom pre-set spring adjustment
  • normally closed silent operation
  • interface can be varied to customer application.

Using signal conditioning and pulse width modulated (PWM) control a wide variety of optimised flow conditions can be simulated.

LISK provide engineered solutions to adapt to your unique medical device requirements.

Our capabilities – From design to delivery

LISK thrive on your imagination, your challenges and your goals. LISK push even further to accommodate your innovative designs. With limitless customisation, your options are endless.

Engineering support

We have multi-discipline engineering teams capable of designing, prototyping and simulation to endure the product meets or exceeds specifications.

World-class manufacturing

We have the manufacturing capabilities to receive incoming raw materials, confirm composition, machine to detailed specifications, assemble (welding, bonding, moulding, brazing), plate for environmental protection, inspect, test and ship.

At LISK, we offer a range of manufacturing solutions to meet your specific requirements, ranging from prototype development all the way up to high-volume manufacturing. We collaborate with companies of all sizes, including:

  • start-ups
  • SMEs
  • multinational companies
  • testing and packaging.

Overseeing all of these activities our quality department utilise state of the art measuring equipment and techniques for detail part and final assembly conformance to drawings and specifications. We also conduct extensive testing to support your validation and certification processes.


Over the past fifty years, we have developed and evolved our quality systems to the highest standards. This ensures that all end products meet regulatory requirements and are safe and effective.

As a global company, we strive to have a very broad base of certification which include:

  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 14644-1
  • UL/ CSA CE certification
  • VDA 6.3 compliant
  • TS16949
  • AS9100C.

Worldwide service and support

LISK are committed to supporting our customers worldwide. With operations in the EU, USA and Asia, we support customers and applications in over 30 countries today.