Protomatic, Inc. is a CNC contract manufacturer with consistently high quality and uncompromising precision. Manufacturing specialised components for the orthopaedic, cardiovascular and medical device market. Protomatic machines and finishes your custom components utilising medical grade plastics, aluminum, rubber, titanium and stainless steels.

What we can do?

Our company’s talented and dedicated staff take pride in their superior quality of its products. Manufacturing under a registered quality management system of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, we can make your custom prototypes or production parts with a variety of manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing processes

Protomatic manufactures utilising 3, 4, 5 axis CNC milling centres and 2, 3 axis CNC turning centres. Additionally, 6 axis robots have been combined with 5 axis milling centres for higher volume applications. For high precision and relatively complex work we have 7, 8 axis CNC multi-axis machining centres for mill-turn applications. Special equipment includes metal shear, presses, brakepress, punching, plasma cutting, TIG and fusion welding. Special processes include silicone rubber moulding and plastic stabilisation. Complementing the CNC machines we offer conventional and microscopic deburring, micro blasting, media tumbling, magnetic spin tumbling and polishing.

Inspection capabilities

To complement the manufacturing process is various equipment such a gauge pins, micrometers, specialty gauging, laser micrometers, profilometers, surfometers, programmable coordinate measurement machines (CMM), as well as optical comparators, vision systems, and a 3D microscope. This gives us the ability to understand our processes on a microscopic level and to maintain control through the production process.

Industry wide challenges

"We know our customers challenges and we are there to support them," states Doug Wetzel, vice-president at Protomatic. At Protomatic, we see the demand for higher complexity parts with tighter tolerances. Additionally, "personalised medicine" can create small batch sizes to accommodate the various product sizes needed due to age, sex and genetics. We also know that new product development is critical to be "first to market" and keeping up with product technology is difficult enough, so having strong and capable suppliers is paramount to your success. So, let us keep up with the latest manufacturing technology, don’t waste time monitoring your supplier’s for quality or delivery; bring Protomatic on the team.

Life saving precision

We’re a CNC contract manufacture with the quality and precision it takes to manufacture medical components that can save lives.