Leister has been the internationally leading provider of plastic welding machines for over 60 years. We have comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in plastics processing and have also established ourselves on the market with our laser beam welding. Leister was one of the first companies to develop and manufacture laser systems for welding plastics. Every one of our developments defines the state of technological possibility.

Innovative and flexible

Our innovative laser systems for welding plastic make new methods possible in the automotive industry, the medical and sensor industries, electronics and micro-system technology. Every one of our developments defines the state of technological possibility. An internationally exclusive Leister speciality is the patented and award-winning ‘GLOBO Welding’ that can weld three-dimensional plastic components in one step. We can find customised, cost-effective solutions for the most versatile jobs and customer demands. Our specialists assist you every step of the way, from design and construction to material selection, and process optimisation and integration.

The broad range of laser welding concepts developed by Leister engineers and technicians in our laboratory have proven themselves in practice many times. We are in the position to find a customised solution for almost all of our customer’s problems. We assist you every step of the way – from design and construction to material selection and process optimisation and integration.

An impressive array of services


  • selection of a suitable design
  • tests for material selection and weldability
  • construction – selection of suitable joining geometry.

Process and procedure development:

  • determination of process window for all relevant parameters
  • inspection of components and evaluation of weld quality
  • implementation of processes into the production environment.

Prototypes and small series manufacturing:

  • manufacturing of prototypes
  • pre-series and small series production.

Maturation of a new process

Laser welding is now an established technique for welding thermoplastics. New applications are constantly being added, which add to the advantages it has over traditional joining techniques. Often, laser technology also offers a solution where conventional systems fail or deliver unsatisfactory results. You can benefit from our know-how by having us test your applications.

Nothing but advantages

  • contactless, flexible joining technique
  • minimum thermal load on the parts to be welded
  • simple geometry for the seam
  • no particle release
  • vibration-free processing
  • visually perfectly welded seam
  • highly accurate
  • very resilient
  • no wear and tear to tools.

Suitable materials

Almost all thermoplastic plastics and elastomers, including ABS, PA, PC, PP, PMMA, PS, PBT and fibreglass reinforced plastic types, can be welded with laser beam. The welding seam strength is comparable with that of the base material.

Transparent plastic can be welded to dark plastics that have preferably been coloured with soot. Special pigments allow dark and transparent/transparent combinations, as well as colored plastics, to be welded.