How did your entrepreneurial adventure with konplan systemhaus start?

Andy Tonazzi: I’ve always been fascinated by technology and how it can improve our quality of life. At the same time, the theme of my life is about taking responsibility. In 2009, I was employed as a key account manager at the newly founded konplan systemhaus in Switzerland. I would never have thought I would be the owner of this company one day. The challenge arose very soon during the succession process of the German family business. My entrepreneurial adventure with eight employees started in October 2010, when I took over the tasks of the CEO.

The company offers medical engineering services – what are its core competencies?

konplan is a service provider for mechatronics. We develop technical solutions for compliance, differentiation and competitiveness using established technology. Outsourcing, contract manufacturing, embedded technology or motors, and motion control are all areas that we are working in. Our projects can lead to new processes or to entirely new business models. We are not a technology provider but we cooperate very closely with specialised partners in IT and ICT. In the field of the internet of things (IoT), konplan, with its medical devices competence, covers the "things" aspect. In order to innovate, we mix and combine existing technology, strategies or processes in a new way.

In order to innovate, we mix and combine existing technology, strategies or processes in a new way.

What makes konplan systemhaus attractive to customers?

We make the difference with soft skills and collaboration, and we are good in interdisciplinary work. For new customers, we mostly start by providing a small technological solution and are then asked for more assistance. We are used to asking a lot of ‘why’ questions. This way, hidden potential is detected. We have an external point of view that allows us to perceive new strategic and economical opportunities. I don’t believe in external motivation. My strength is to inspire people. The motivation you have to bring along yourself. You grab the job and keep going until it’s successfully finished.

How can konplan survive in the current medical market?

Switzerland has an excellent educational and vocational system. Here, you can find highly skilled professionals. Our people gain a lot of experience in a short time. They are very good at methodical work, have a highly developed sense of quality, a structured work ethic for scalability, think always one step further and are very committed.

konplan systemhaus recently celebrated its tenth anniversary – what is the secret of its success?

Well, there are several reasons. First of all, we learn from each project. For me, personally, this is the crucial thing that increases the value of my company. Secondly, we believe in being a nourishing soil for our customers through our outstanding technological expertise, together with our soft skills. We can count on trust and continuity in our customer relations. Finally, the encounter between good ideas and our capacities is also key to our success.