As an integrated photonics company, Jenoptik is active in the following three segments: optics and life science, mobility, and defence and civil systems.

In the Healthcare & Industry unit of the optics and life science segment, Jenoptik develops specific system and application solutions with customers worldwide in the healthcare sector and industry. The focus is on medical technology and life science, laser, automotive and LED lighting applications.

The product portfolio includes semiconductor chips, optoelectronics, laser technology, polymer optics, electronics and software. Based on its core competences from laser and LED-based beam sources, optical components and modules to sensors, digital imaging and system integration, Jenoptik is a leader in the development of OEM system solutions and products for the life science industry. These are, among others, highly reliable analysis and treatment systems for research, clinical applications and patient self-diagnosis, which comply with international quality standards and strict approval criteria. Examples are next-generation DNA analysis, LASIK and blood glucose measurements.

For industrial applications, Jenoptik offers high-performance optoelectronic components and modules as well as integrated solutions which if required intelligently combine optics, laser technology, sensors and digital imaging. In addition to development of complex components for head-up displays, innovative lenses for driver assistance systems and polymer optics for machine vision or augmented reality applications, the division also produces powerful, energy-efficient industrial LED lighting. In the area of industrial lasers for laser material processing, Jenoptik is active in the entire laser value creation chain.

Broad competence portfolio for healthcare, life science and industry

The Jenoptik Healthcare & Industry unit provides various products and solutions, which meet the highest quality demands such as

  • diagnostic and imaging systems
  • microscope cameras, components and application software
  • monitoring and analysis systems
  • medical laser
  • components and modules for advanced driver assistance systems
  • environmental sensor systems
  • industrial laser for laser material processing
  • components and modules for LED lighting solutions.

Fulfill current and future market requirements

The Jenoptik Healthcare & Industry unit is active in the following markets:

  • healthcare and life science
  • automotive
  • laser
  • LED Lighting
  • other markets: digital imaging, machine vision.

Permanent, high-contrast marking for medical technology: Jenoptik´s ultrafast lasers

Accurate, permanent product marking is especially important in clinical operations and ensures the unique identification and traceability in line with the Unique Device Identification Standard (UDI). Powerful ultra-short pulse lasers such as Jenoptik´s JenLas® pico 16 have proven themselves to be effective tools for these kinds of marking processes. Using "Black Marking" technology, permanent and high-contrast marking such as serial numbers and bar codes are applied with great precision and reliability, for example on surgical instruments and implants. This marking is highly resistant to corrosion, extremely hard-wearing and remains legible permanently, even after repeated sterilisation processes. It also avoids undesirable thermal side effects. At the same time, your results will have maximum contrast and the best quality possible – without damaging the surface.

The picosecond laser JenLas® pico 16 is not only suitable for medical technology, but also for cutting or ablating metals and non-metals with precision in an industrial setting. It avoids the need to post-process materials.

Contact details

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