Gorman-Rupp Industries collaborates with OEM engineers who are unable to fulfill their unique pump specifications with an off-the-shelf solution and require a custom-engineered pump specific to their application. Since 1953, GRI’s reputation and success has been built on working with the OEM engineers of both domestic and international partners in a variety of markets and applications where a pump is necessary to move fluid. GRI’s portfolio of fluid pumps include centrifugal circulation pumps as well as a variety of bellows metering and dosing pumps.

Sealless, motor-integrated, brushless-DC circulation pumps

Designed for the circulation and transfer of fluids, GRI’s Integrity Series Pumps offer a flexible and robust solution to OEM applications.

Constructed with a proprietary blend of PPS, the Integrity Series Pumps are compatible with a wide variety of fluids.  By manufacturing the motors and the majority of the pump’s components in-house, GRI has the flexibility to precisely configure an Integrity Series pump to meet an OEM’s specific flow and pressure requirements.

Equipped with an integrated brushless-DC variable speed motor, with voltage ranges from 12–48V, these sealless, motor integrated centrifugal pumps incorporate the components into a compact, lightweight design. Fewer parts promote long life, quiet operation, and low power consumption.

A variety of sizes and models are available which offer flow ranges from ½ gallon per minute (2 liters) up to 37 gallons per minute (140 litres).

Available OEM options include a variety of suction and discharge port configurations and control options to best fit an OEMs application. The supply voltage can directly control the pump performance. Performance can also be controlled by an available analog 0-5 volt DC input as well as a PWM digital signal input. Additionally, a tachometer option is available to measure pump speed. For advanced and high-tech applications requiring customized control, CAN-Bus is also available.

Typical OEM Applications include, but are not limited to: Medical devices, Server & Electronics Cooling, Chillers and Coolers, Laser Systems, Hydronic Systems, Recreational Vehicles and Public Transit, Marine, Fuel Cells, Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling, and Beverage Dispensers.

Bellows Metering Pumps for low-flow, low-pressure applications

GRI’s line of Bellows Metering Pumps were specifically designed for metering applications requiring low discharge pressures. Bellows pumps utilise GRI’s proven proprietary blend of polypropylene materials to provide an accurate and economical, long-lasting metering pump. A wide selection of valve and O-Ring elastomers produce chemical resistance pumps capable of handling both corrosive and non-corrosive fluids.

Bellows Metering Pumps operate on a positive displacement principle. Depending on the size and configuration of the bellows modules, these fluid pumps produce flow ranges from 3.9–3,000ml per minute. Based on the Bellows Metering model, both fixed flow and adjustable flow pumps are available with a maximum stroke to stroke repeatability of ± 0.5%.

Typical applications include Film and X-ray Processors, Silver Recovery Systems, Wafer and Silicon Chip Washers and Processors, Detergent Dispensers, Blood Analyzing Equipment, Industrial Floor Scrubbers, Thermo Therapy Equipment, Waste Removal Systems, and Wastewater and Water Treatment Systems.

Bellows Dosing Pumps for fixed flow rate applications

GRI’s Bellows Dosing Pumps are ideal for low-flow, low-pressure metering applications where a fixed flow rate is required. These positive displacement pumps are constructed entirely of plastic and use GRI’s time-proven bellows technology to provide a durable and accurate chemically resistant metering pump. When pumping water in laboratory test conditions the maximum flow rate is 43.2ml per minute and have an average stroke to stroke repeatability of ± 1%.

Typical markets and applications include Soap and Chemical Dispensing, Household Washer and Dryers, Appliance Market, Warewashing, and Water Purification Market.

Features with all of GRI’s Bellows Pumps include, dry run capability, self-priming, no dynamic seals, corrosion-resistant, long-life and maintenance-free operation.

Many markets served

GRI Serves many global markets including, but not limited to, Alternative Energy, Appliance, Chillers & Coolers, Food & Beverage, General Industrial, HVAC, Transportation, Medical, Printing & Image Reproduction, Server & Electronics Cooling, Laboratory & Analytical Instrumentation.

GRI is located in Bellville, Ohio, US, where all engineering, design, and manufacturing operations take place in our 98,000ft2 facility.

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