Assembly automation is undergoing a shift from conventional fixed design to flexible solutions. Manufacturers need to be able to respond to product modifications, fluctuating demand and shorter product life cycles. Ginolis, a global supplier of assembly automation and precision liquid handling, provides manufacturers that flexibility through its modular automation platforms.

From standard products to customised systems, Ginolis offers an extensive range of solutions based on its modular automation platforms. Standard application modules for bulk feeders, component placement, bonding, dispensing, quality control, component transfer and many other processes can be seamlessly integrated into each platform. The company’s automated solutions are characterised by their high precision and compact size. Their dispensing applications can handle liquids in the nano-scale. All systems are equipped with vision-guided robots and quality control.

Ginolis has launched its latest product, the Lateral Flow Device Assembly (LFDA-3) system, which has been revolutionising the rapid test assembly market. The intelligent solution can assemble different lateral flow test devices with minimal downtime. Manufacturers can also add modules for additional test strips, RFID tagging, labelling and printing. The Ginolis LFDA-3 allows customers to realise all the benefits of automating the assembly process in a desktop footprint.