Identify, locate and inform – Fujitsu Smart Beacons offer the ultimate solution to reach a targeted internal or external audience. What value can Smart Beacons add to your medical facilities and hospitals?

Hospitals and other medical facilities deal with large numbers of visitors, movements, activities and assets every day; Fujitsu, well known for its information technology, has developed high-quality, small and reliable Bluetooth Smart Beacons that are ideal for indoor localisation, mobile app interaction and a variety of customised solutions. During the design phase, the company paid special attention to developing the beacons' functionality for localisation purposes. Smart Beacons can provide infrastructural help by locating various assets, and providing patient information, environmental data and indoor navigation services.

"Welcome to our hospital – can we guide you to your destination?" asks your smart device when you walk into a healthcare facility. It's an impressive entrance, but Smart Beacons offer can much more than simple guide functionality: they can track the hundreds of patient and bed movements every day through their use of localisation technology, monitor room temperatures, organise medical teams, offer up-to-date patient information or check surgery room availability.

The possibilities are endless

The Fujitsu Smart Beacon is a Bluetooth smart transmitter that broadcasts specific data in the form of a unique identification number, information on transmission power or a URL/web link.

The unique identification number enables smart devices – such as a phone or tablet – to recognise the beacon and relate it to a specific app. The number also identifies the group or groups that specific beacon belongs to.

Information about the transmission power can be used for navigation and localisation purposes. Combining information provided on transmission power and information retrieved from the unique identification number enable very precise navigation and localisation down to specific rooms and areas. Indoor navigation requires a predictable transmitting characteristic, and the Fujitsu beacons are able to do this very consistently.

Beacons are also able to broadcast a URL/web link that will be displayed on the smart device and can be activated by the user. This provides web-based interaction with the user that can then involve any type of information.

Fujitsu Smart Beacons offer a high-quality, reliable, robust and secure advertising solution capable of handling various standards for transmitting unique identifiers or broadcasting URLs. Fujitsu beacons are flexible and have unique features enabling them to take full advantage of any application.

Different beacons for different needs

Fujitsu has developed two types of beacon: the advertising beacon able to last for several years on a coin-cell battery and the Smart Sensor beacon with an integrated motion/temperature sensor for data collection in a variety of applications.

Fujitsu Smart Beacons are easy to install, set up and integrate with existing solutions, or as a solution by itself. All the possibilities they offer can be discussed directly with the Fujitsu team. You can create your own wireless solution based on Bluetooth or Bluetooth Smart technology, as Fujitsu also offers a wide range of easy-to-integrate wireless solutions.