When a life is on the line, proven and reliable connections are essential. A pioneer in connector technology for over 60 years and certified ISO 13485, Fischer Connectors provides ideal solutions for use with medical electronic equipment, including diagnostic devices, surgical instruments, therapy applications, dental applications, cardiac assist devices, and disposable equipment.

Fischer Connectors is known for its breakthrough technologies, high-performing products and highly responsive customer service. We work closely with medical device manufacturers to build custom designs that overcome complex connectivity challenges in environments requiring faultless quality.

Tested and approved by medical professionals, our comprehensive product lines include sterilisable, reusable, hybrid and cost-effective disposable connectors. Our cable assembly options also include silicon and low-friction coatings.

Connectors and cable assembly solutions for medical applications

  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • ISO 13485
  • Safe locking systems
  • Watertight sealing up to IP68
  • EMI/RFI shielding for reliable data transmission

The Highly Configurable Fischer Core Series

The Fischer Core Series is Fischer Connectors' original product family, relied upon by medical OEMs for over 60 years. With more than 20,000 references, it includes the sterilizable Plastic range and cost-effective Disposable range. These push-pull connectors have an excellent track record for quality, performance and reliability, demonstrated by customer safety tests and homologation. Ergonomically designed, they are available in any size, any configuration, and for any application, with a wide choice of body style, plugs, contact block and sealing.

The Breakthrough Plug & Use Fischer Freedom Series

The numerous electronic devices hand-held or body-worn by healthcare professionals all need to be interconnected – and all of them are currently independently powered. The need that Fischer Connectors is now fulfilling is to build an "intelligent hub" based on a shared data and power bus with hidden wiring, one central battery for all, and connectors that work as an interface at strategically chosen locations. This minimises weight, load and clutter, and enables standardisation and miniaturisation of the entire electronic ecosystem, increasing functionality in smaller devices. The brand-new product line the Fischer Freedom Series was launched in June 2018 with a first product, the Fischer LP360TM, that offers real breakthrough technology: the lightweight, low-profile connector that offers easy handling and easy cleaning, and maximises the usability, efficiency and performance of medical equipment in a revolutionary way.

The ultra-resistant Fischer Stainless Steel Connectors

A new high-performance Stainless Steel range has recently been added to the Fischer Core Series. Made of premium-grade 316L stainless steel, PEEK and EPDM, these connectors offer outstanding chemical, temperature and radiation resistance. Options include IP68 or hermetic sealing, and 360° EMI shielding. Safe and versatile, they also allow for microbiological sterilization and radioactive decontamination. They are easy to clean and maintain, plus easy to handle wearing gloves or remotely (e.g. in a glass box via a robot or teleoperator).

The lightweight Fischer MiniMax™ Series

This innovative, high-density, miniature signal and power solution replaces multiple cables with only one. It is especially suited to cramped environments and hand-held applications. The Fischer MiniMax™ Series is available in 19 and 24-pin configurations, with four power and 15 or 20 signal contacts, giving designers plenty of flexibility. There is also a choice of push-pull, screw lock or quick release locking systems, making them very user-friendly. This series is available as a standalone connector or as a complete pre-cabled solution.

The robust Fischer FiberOptic Series

The new Fischer FiberOptic connectors provide faultless optical quality indoors and outdoors, combined with fast data transfer even in extreme environments. They are available with two or four optical channels, as well as in an electric/optic hybrid variant, with two electrical contacts and two optical channels. IP67 sealing unmated (IP68 mated) ensures unmatched device protection. The removable sleeve holder (monobloc mate adapter) allows easy cleaning, even in the field. The push-pull locking system enables quick connecting and disconnecting with one hand.

Innovative custom designs

We understand the medical industry's complexity, safety priorities and stringent regulation. We constantly innovate to make medical devices more reliable, compact and versatile, making healthcare professionals' lives safer and easier. By combining our pioneering spirit and technical expertise with ultra-modern cable assembly facilities in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, we help you design customized connectivity solutions that are reliable, durable and cost-effective. By partnering with us, you also gain fast prototyping, short production lead times and rapid delivery. Our committed experts and worldwide cable assembly network are at hand to give you dedicated customer support.

Easy product selection

Choosing the right connectors to meet safety, regulatory and budgetary constraints is a complex task. To help you do this more quickly, easily and cost effectively, we have restructured and simplified our product lines. Our new General Catalogue presents our four product families, with well-defined unique selling propositions to help you compare features and benefits. With this handy tool you can explore options and find the best solution for your specific challenges.