As one of the technology leaders in materials design and with more than 40 years of experience, Evonik offers customised products for the medical sector. The product portfolio includes specialty methacrylate monomers and specialty polymers for medical technology, biomaterials for long and short-term implants as well as non-implants applications.

Strong grades

VESTAMID® Care ML grades cover a range of polyamide 12 (PA12) resins with different viscosities for processing via extrusion or injection moulding. In addition to unstabilised base resins, our portfolio contains compounds with heat and UV-stabilisation as well as reinforced compounds. Due to the high dimensional stability, tensile strength and low sliding friction, VESTAMID® Care ML grades are for example the materials of choice for catheters and tubings. Typical areas of application for reinforced VESTAMID Care ML grades include housing-parts, monitoring and imaging devices and durable medical equipment.

Flexible grades

VESTAMID Care ME materials are polyether block amides, Evonik's flexible polyamide, which is available in various hardnesses. Due to their broad range of flexibility, VESTAMID Care ME grades are used in different parts of catheter constructions – may it be the distal end, requiring a low modulus for non-traumatic insertion, or the proximal end, needing a high modulus for force and torque transmission. All VESTAMID Care ME grades are free of plasticisers and stabilised against heat and UV-light.

Transparent grades

Our TROGAMID® Care grades are microcrystalline transparent polyamides. All TROGAMID Care grades are BPA free. Amorphous TROGAMID Care MT50 comprises one of the highest moduli compared with other transparent polyamides and the microcrystalline TROGAMID MX grades exhibit exceptional resistance against chemicals and stress-cracking. Hence, TROGAMID Care MX is the material of choice for all applications dealing with pharmaceutical formulations, lipids or aggressive disinfectants. Examples include dialyser parts, housings, covers, hearing aids, luid and drug delivery equipment such as stopcocks and connectors.

High temperature grades

When it comes to application conditions involving high temperatures, VESTAKEEP® Care grades are the materials of choice. VESTAKEEP Care polyether ether ketone (PEEK) medical grades are available in different viscosities for processing via extrusion or injection molding. These products offer higher resistance to heat, chemicals, and hydrolysis. Typical areas of application for VESTAKEEP Care include parts for housings and surgical instruments, gear wheels and other parts for functional units and durable medical equipment. Due to their low water absorption, parts made out from VESTKEEP Care grades resist steam autoclaving for an extended number of autoclaving cycles.

Bonding grades

VESTAMID® Care ME-B grades cover a range of polyether-block-amides (PEBA) with different flexibility and hardness, which were specially modified to adhere to Daikin's Neoflon® EFEP RP-5000 without the need for any adhesive. The chemical nature of both materials results in the formation of covalent bonds among the polymer chains of VESTAMID Care ME-B and Neoflon® EFEP at the boundary layer upon processing via coextrusion. Thereby, multilayer tubings can be realised, whichcombine the individual properties of both EFEP and PEBA, and do not contain any compatibiliser or adhesive, that might migrate out of the device.