Everite manufactures machine tools employing the burr-free electrochemical grinding technology for processing metal components where burrs, deformation from force, or the effects of heat would result in irrevocable component harm. Everite also offers manufacturing solutions, using Everite machine tools to provide production capabilities to put features on product for medical device manufacturers.


Everite has been manufacturing ECG burr-free production machine tools since 1950 and has over 2,000 machines in operation in North America, Europe, and Asia. Everite is the pioneer in electrochemical grinding technology and has deep experience in standard and custom ECG machine tool building to meet the requirements of the most challenging applications.


Everite offers burr-free production ECG machine tools for tube cut-off, for slotting, for pointing from single bevel to complex multi-facet sharp points requiring fourth axis motion, and much more.
Headquartered in Pennsauken, New Jersey, US, Everite has technical sales representatives and service capabilities throughout world markets.

ECG Machine Tools

Everite offers:

  • Ultra-Cut SR8 ECG Automatic Tube Cutoff machine
  • ACOM-1 compact Automatic Tube Cutoff machine (introduced in our advertisement in this issue)
  • PAC (Precision Abrasive Cutoff machine servicing the fastener and micro tools industries)
  • Ultra-Grind UG618 ECG 3-axes CNC Surface Grinder
  • Ultra-Grind UG824 ECG 3-axes expandable to 4-axes, CNC Surface Grinder
  • VG1000 ECG Vertical Grinder
  • TTX compact manual ECG trim machine.


Everite ECG burr-free machine tools are used throughout the medical device industry. Starting with first operation to provide burr-free hypodermic, or larger size, cut-to-length tube, or for more advanced operations to put features on tubes or components. Features applicable to arthroscopic shavers, bone screws and bone drills, cannula, skive tools, trocar, scalpels, phaco tips, epidural and biopsy needles are commonly produced using Everite’s ECG technology.

The Everite ECG Process is applied to all conductive and reactive materials to produce burr-free features without heat effect, recast, interganular attack, or end grain pitting. The Everite ECG process produces burr-free results regardless of the hardness of materials and is effective on all high-temperature alloy and memory materials.