Current trends demonstrate that a shift is taking place in healthcare. Patients are at the centre of this evolving ecosystem and they want greater control over their health and wellness.

This trend is allowing treatment to occur outside of a hospital setting in the patient's home, which can lead to an experience that is more convenient, comfortable and more effective for treatment. With the recent separation of DowDuPont, DuPont is applying its understanding of this shift to provide smarter healthcare solutions.

We now offer 70 years of experience in silicone-based technology, and a diverse portfolio of silicone adhesives, elastomers and speciality polymers for patient-centric applications such as self-administered drug delivery devices and connected, wearable technologies. In addition, the company is leveraging the heritage Dow Corning brand name products and technical experts for global research and development, regulatory support and manufacturing.

By partnering closely with customers, we can increase patient usability and accuracy, and promote a better user experience to enable positive outcomes. Learn more about products in DuPont's expanded portfolio of medical grade silicones and healthcare polymers below.

Medical grade adhesives for devices, tape and attachments

Offering the strongest adhesion and painless repositioning, DuPont's medical adhesive portfolio includes soft skin adhesives featuring gentle adhesion and easy removal/ repositioning that are well suited for advanced wound care and for populations with vulnerable or delicate skin, such as infants and the elderly. DuPont also has a line of pressure-sensitive adhesives with higher peel strength that can be used for transdermal drug delivery patches and wearable monitors, as they provide reliable adhesion for longer periods of time.

The latest adhesive to launch, DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 Soft Skin Adhesive, provides the strongest adhesion available from DuPont's soft skin adhesive portfolio, making it suitable for wearable monitoring devices, medical tape and medical device attachments. It also delivers extended wear time over one week. This combination of factors can work well for manufacturers that use pumpable patches for biologic drug delivery as an alternative to injection pens.

Specially designed to be gentle, DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 Soft Skin Adhesive is ideal for patients with delicate, compromised or sensitive skin, and is specifically designed to minimise irritation, sensitising and cytotoxicity. Its high degree of penetration into the skin surface enhances conformability and the patient experience. Furthermore, unlike traditional acrylic adhesives, it will not cause discomfort during removal.

High-performance resins for healthcare

DuPont's Zytel polyamide (PA), Crastin polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and Delrin polyoxymethylene (POM) engineering thermoplastics deliver excellent dimensional stability combined with resistance to creep, making them appropriate for high-load mechanical applications.

DuPont's high-performance materials, such as Crastin SC193 polybutylene terephthalate-styrene acrylonitrile (PBT-SAN) resin, allow designers to develop functional components with better resistance to static and longer-term load for injection pens, and to ease the actuation of these devices while ensuring stability during the fabrication step.

These stiffness properties are especially important in injection devices that must withstand extra stress from highly viscous, large-molecule biologic drugs.

Delrin resins offer:

  • toughness
  • stiffness and strength needed to replace metal
  • low friction with high wear resistance
  • resistance to creep, impact, fatigue, wear and abrasion
  • thinner/lighter part design
  • dimensional stability during high-precision moulding.

The comprehensive family of Zytel nylon resins is the most widely used engineering plastic. Zytel resins offer:

  • excellent toughness and overall mechanical properties
  • resistance to abrasion and repeated impacts
  • excellent high-temperature properties and resistance to a range of fluids/chemicals
  • low permeability to many fluids and gases.

Durable Hytrel TPC-ET thermoplastic polyester elastomers combine the best features of high-performance rubbers and flexible plastic materials. They can be used for medical device components and also breathable films that work perfectly with silicone adhesives. They also provide maximum flexibility and strength, super-resilience, excellent flex fatigue resistance and spring-like properties.