Based on its proprietary, high-precision binder-jetting technology, Digital Metal® develops, manufactures and sells 3D metal printers for additive manufacturing and provides printing services. The focus is on small, complex components with high resolution and excellent surface finish. Thanks to high printing productivity and accuracy, Digital Metal is ideal for both serial production and customised components.

3D metal printing with total design freedom and no waste

Digital Metal allows for direct manufacturing of complex parts while reducing costs and lead times. This technology enables printing without support structures, and delivers a resolution of 35 µm and an average surface roughness of Ra 6, which makes it excellent for internal channels and lightweight structures. But these are just a couple of direct benefits of Digital Metal. Any application that involves complex metal parts potentially profits from our unique, high-precision technology. The process keeps time spent on post processing and material waste down to an absolute minimum.

Digital Metal also gives great freedom in design. You can produce highly customised parts with added improved functionalities that are not possible through traditional processes. Our technology is particularly well-suited for manufacturing of components with hollows, internal channels and undercuts.

The benefits of the Digital Metal technology

One of the main benefits of Digital Metal is part consolidation. Parts that formerly needed to be assembled can now be printed as one component, saving time and resources. In the long term, fewer parts also means less stock, maintenance and service.

Digital Metal is one of the most accurate forms of additive manufacturing (otherwise known as 3D metal printing) able to create microscopic details and some of the thinnest walls possible. Due to the very precise process, Digital Metal technology can be used for making parts with extremely fine holes of great dimensional accuracy and variable diameters.

How the Digital Metal process works

The Digital Metal process begins with an object described in a CAD file. This is materialised in our 3D printer, which builds the object layer by layer, using metal powder and high-precision binder jetting. Once complete, the object is sintered for strength. The result is a metal component with high resolution and tolerance.

Rapid 3D printing services

Digital Metal can take your product from concept to completion in less than two weeks. High productivity, excellent surface quality and great resolution have brought our unique 3D metal printing technology to a world-class benchmark standard. Not only does Digital Metal provide a cost-effective way of manufacturing complex metal parts, it is also the ideal solution for the production of mass-customised components or flexible serial volumes.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to gain access to additive manufacturing technology and to ensure that you get what you need as quickly as possible. We therefore offer 3D metal printing through contract services, working according to a simple six-step process that takes you swiftly from first contact to finished product. To date, Digital Metal has manufactured more than 200,000 high-quality components.

3D metal printers for mass production

If you are ready to set up your own production, Digital Metal develops, manufactures and sells 3D-metal printing machines for additive manufacturing. No effort has been spared to make them as accurate as possible. The automatically calibrated moving parts in the DM P2500 are accurate to single microns, which results in excellent repeatability in serial production. In addition, great focus has been given to making the platform as stable as possible to ensure best accuracy.

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Digital Metal is part of the global Höganäs Group (, the world’s leading producer of iron and non-ferrous metal powders and alloys, headquartered in Sweden, and well known for its pioneering work and innovations.