Datwyler is a leading industrial supplier and a key player in the global healthcare world. Our state-of-the-art solutions for drug packaging and medical devices are built on over 100 years of experience. Within our healthcare offering, we provide a unique range of products and services including the most advanced elastomer formulations, coatings, aluminum seals, and processing technologies.

With our medical solutions, we are aiming to create a safer and improved medical environment of tomorrow. This is based on a broad range of experience in the healthcare industry and extensive material science expertise. Partnering up with the world's top pharmaceutical and medical companies, our mission is to ensure all patients' safety and improve patients' lives.

Based on Datwyler's unrivaled expertise in compound development, prototyping and project management, the company is able to meet the requirements of customers' specific applications.

Rubber components for Blood Collection Applications

As blood collection applications require high precision and outstanding materials, we produce high quality blood collection stoppers and needle sleeves. Made of bromobutyl compounds, Datwyler's blood tube stoppers are renowned for their low permeability of air and moisture, low penetration force, fragmentation behaviour, and outstanding resealing properties to avoid risk of blood droplet. The blood collection stoppers' design can be customised to meet various applications.

Needle sleeves

Our needle sleeves are made of dedicated latex-free polyisoprene compounds – materials which are known for excellent resealing properties and elasticity. To add even more value, we offer customised designs as well as siliconisation and chlorination of the sleeves in-house.

Rubber closures for IV Systems

Datwyler's injection sites are readily available in various designs and compounds in compliance with USP/EP type I, offering a valuable combination of resealing properties and excellent machineability. Designed for high-speed lines, these sleeves avoid any leakage and enable fast resealing.

Plungers for Disposable Syringes

We offer a complete range of components for single-use syringes and latex-free poly isoprene-based plungers, compliant to ESP/EP type I. Our components, made of synthetic, materials, combine optimum breaking and gliding forces with a superior level of chemical purity and safety. The plungers for manually activated as well as pump activated single use syringes are ETO and gamma sterilisable.

Soft Dry Electrodes

The Soft Dry Electrodes are our proposition for long-term bio-signal monitoring. The electrodes consist of a flexible, latex-free polymer in a customisable design – flat or brush-shape – to ensure wearing comfort. They allow dry signal acquisition which eliminates the use of gels and decreases skin irritation significantly. To rule out any danger of skin irritations, rubber and coating have been tested according to ISO 10993-10. The results were clear: no skin-sensitising potential was found in either material. As the electrodes are very robust, they can be used repeatedly.

Apart from their application in EEG, soft dry electrodes can also be used for EMG (electromyography), ECG (electrocardiography) and EOG (electrooculography) applications.