Our Parylene coatings help medical device manufacturers overcome many challenges. Chemically inert and suitable for long term implantable use they make any substrate bio-compatible, bio-stable and non thrombogenic. They provide a superior barrier to moisture, chemicals and gases, and are dry film lubricious.

Parylene is a unique thin film conformal coating applied to medical electronics, metals, plastics and elastomeric devices, subassemblies and manufacturing aids.

Examples where Parylene is protecting devices and patients include:

  • medical electronics and diagnostics
  • medical elastomers – o’rings, gaskets and seals
  • electrosurgical tools
  • vascular and peripheral stents
  • gastric implants
  • surgical entry devices
  • cardiac assist devices
  • cochlear and ocular devices
  • needles and probes.

Examples where Parylene’s hydrophobic properties are regularly applied include:

  • mandrels / wires – introducers, forming, tipping and balloon welding
  • guide wires – braided and straight
  • medical elastomers – removing tackiness of silicone and rubber components
  • plastic and metal subassemblies in delivery systems, surgical tools and other moving parts.

In some cases there would be no solution without Parylene being a component of the device or delivery system.

Link to video animation of the Parylene coating process: http://www.parylene.co.uk/about-parylene/

About Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright is a NYSE listed global diversified industrial company that provides niche highly engineered products and services to industries including medical, aerospace, defence and energy.

Our Parylene Coating Services was set up in 1991. With founding expertise extending back as part of Union Carbide’s development team who commercialised Parylene over 40 years ago. Today, our ISO13485 certified coating facilities in North America and Europe provide specialist Parylene coatings mainly for the medical device and aerospace industries.

Our proprietary Dimers, the precursor for Parylene are over 99.7% pure. These are tested to the requirements of ISO10993 and USP Class VI for bio compatibility and long term implant use. Drug and device master files are held with the FDA.
Our aim is to support R&D and process engineering in their work with life saving devices. We welcome new development and evaluation projects and provide a collaborative low cost and fast turnaround service.