Contexo is an international machine builder that designs and produces technical solutions for global brands and companies. The family-run company from Germany (located in Winterbach near Stuttgart) is specialised in building high-performance assembly machines.

Full Service for medical Devices: Primary packaging & Diagnostic products

Contexo offers full service for Medical Devices: Primary Packaging and Diagnostic Products. Everything from one source: Whether primary packaging, pens, sample containers, cartridges or other diagnostic articles: Contexo offers assembly solutions for a large number of medical devices.

Boost your profit with Contexo:

  • Up to 60,000 parts per hour
  • Full technology spectrum
  • Wide array of laser processes
  • Years of clean-room experience
  • Minimal footprint
  • Full quality control during assembly
  • GMP full service.

Highspeed Assembly machines

Contexo´s assembly machines are characterised by their technical perfection, high efficiency and versatility. Up to 80 production stages can be integrated in one system: for example, assembly, imprinting, joining, gluing, welding and lasering.
Evolving technologies may have changed the industry´s landscape, but the passion for automation remains – as does the commitment to find exactly the right solution for each customer and to complete each project to everyone´s full satisfaction.

Modular machine concepts & high process capacity

  • All platforms for cost-effective production in clean-room, hygienic and compact machine design
  • Full process integration: More than 80 process steps possible, full integration of all laser processes
  • All in house. Inline concepts: stocking, sorting, feeding, assembly, processing, inspection, distribution, packaging
  • Experienced development partner: Efficient implementation of new products and new product concepts.

Over 800 machines have been built over the years, from high-speed continuous-motion-systems to the clean-room longitudinal-tacted system that produces the most complex mini-laboratory in the world. 86 machine builder specialists continually develop existing technologies so that Contexo can bring the best technical solutions to market at fairest price.

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