• Partner With Clark Solutions – For over 35 years, Clark Solutions has represented and distributed specialised components for the medical device community. Our experienced sales team works matches unique medical applications and OEM designed components daily.
  • Trusted Representative – Clark Solutions has leveraged years of success to become a trusted factory representative for over 25 companies located in the US, as well as, eight international product lines.
  • Innovation & Support – In cooperation with the partnering manufacturers, our sales representatives have hands-on training with our various components and constantly work new applications driven by ever-evolving markets.
  • Staging & Scheduling – Clark Solutions for years has developed quantity-based pricing programmes, offered warehouse and assembly services to satisfy special customer needs, provided scheduling assistance, and staged shipping programmes from our warehouse facility in Hudson, Massachusetts, US.
  • Quality & Service – We continue to succeed through dedication to long term product quality, support and service. Our service goal is develop long term repeat business through quality and service.

Peristaltic pumps

Clark Solutions currently offers several peristaltic pumps designed for OEM’s with both integrated 6-24 VDC motor or 24 VDC stepper motor. The peristaltic pumps are available with 3, 4, and 6 roller configurations with options including quick change clamshell heads, encoders, exchangeable tube sets, and rolls of straight run tubing may be also available in specific type models.

For complete information click here: Peristaltic pumps

Gear and vane pumps

The MG, FG and PA Series magnetic and direct drive gear pumps and vane pumps are constructed with AISI 316 stainless steel or brass housings and internal parts, PTFE or PEEK gears, suitable for a wide range of corrosive liquids. In addition to high technology, medical and cooling systems applications, the Gear and Vane Pumps are also ideal for lubrication, sampling, and ink-jet printing applications.

For complete information click here: Gear and vane pumps

Diaphragm pumps

Clark Solutions offers a broad range of both liquid and air diaphragm pumps designed specifically for the OEM analytical and medical industry. Available in miniature sizes with low flow rates (500 cc/min) to high flow performance quad heads with rates over 10 LPM. The pumps can be customized with motor and diaphragm options.

For complete information click here: Diaphragm pumps

Inert isolation valves

The MTV and WTA Series Inert Isolation Valves have been specifically designed to avoid valve seal damage often caused by unique media and/or particulates in the media stream. Ideally suited for use in analytical and clinical chemistry systems, MTV and WTA Series valves are available in two-way and three-way configurations. All MTV and WTA Series inert isolation valves can be configured with molded PPS or PEEK valve bodies, a choice of FPM or Perfluor® seal materials, and a choice of optional 12 VDC or 24 VDC coils.

For complete information click here: Inert isolation valves

Manifold valves

Series XTA-2E Modular Molded Manifold Valves are comprised of interconnected valve blocks, each holding a pair of two-way valves connected with Perfluor O-rings. The Series XTA-2E Modular Molded Manifold Valves are designed for a range of manifold configurations and available wetted components include a PTFE isolation diaphragm and a Perfluor soft valve seal. The Series XTA Valves ideal for use with analytical, biotech, and clinical instruments, and for chemical dispensing and environmental/process sampling.

For complete information click here: Manifold valves

Pinch valves

Model PS, PK and EPK Pinch Valves provide excellent reliability in a compact design with direct acting solenoids. Normally open and normally closed versions are available. Model PS Universal Pinch Valves and the PK Valves are designed for continuous duty with 12 VDC and 24 VDC coil options.

For complete information click here: Pinch valves

Flow sensor

The Model PFAD and PVDF Exchangeable Turbine Flow Sensor were originally designed for the pharmaceutical industry. The PFAD sensor enables users to quickly exchange flow tubes in many biomedical, chemical feed, and flow control loop applications. The Model PFAD Turbine Flow Sensor features PFA wetted parts with ruby bearings to meet US Pharmacopeia Class VI requirements.

For complete information click here: Flow sensors

Pressure switches and differential pressure transmitters

  • The Series 604 Differential Pressure Switches featuring a proven ceramic based technology and long set point stability are developed for a variety of specialized pressure sensing applications. The Series 604 Differential Pressure Switches are typically used for monitoring filter and fan pressures.

Series 699 differential pressure indicators and transmitters are for use with air and neutral gases and are available in three configurations and several pressure ranges, offering different levels of function and cost. Series 699 Indicators/Transmitters are generally used for measuring low differential pressures such as in air flow measurement, fan static pressures, and specialty room pressure measurements.

For complete information click here: Pressure switches and differential pressure transmitters


Depending on the peristaltic pump, Clark Solutions can provide tubing in a choice of sizes and composition types ranging from 0.5mm-8mm ID diameters in Santoprene, Silicone, ED Plex, Tygon, and Viton. Quick change tube sets may also be available.

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