How has Cendres+Métaux’s long history helped the company get to where it is today?

Jordi Belart: We have more than 120 years of history behind us. Over that time, Cendres+Métaux has developed into one of the leading Swiss medtech companies. We produce around 1.5 million parts a year – a number that makes us proud. The production and processing of alloys is an important part of our business, and we have built up strong know-how in this business field.

Asides from precious metals, we now process other metals and high-performance polymers. In addition to our high level of material knowledge, we also guide customers through all steps of the production process. We work hard to reach the highest standards across every stage.

Cendres+Métaux is a Swiss company that carries the promise of quality associated with its Alpine homeland to the outside world. Overall, the company’s experience, solid expertise and long-standing customer relationships, above all, have led it to where it stands today.

Whether it’s turning, milling, injection moulding or converting, we have the necessary specialists in-house and can offer the highest quality.

Can you outline how the company’s speciality in manufacturing with precious metals distinguishes it from competitors?

We have been specialists in the development of new alloys for several decades now. Our know-how covers the production and processing of precious metals. We have a wide range of machining and forming technologies at our disposal. In other words, we can offer assistance throughout the entire production process, respond to individual customer needs and guarantee comprehensive process control.

In what ways does this specialisation help medical technology customers?

The advantage is that, in the medical field, we cover the entire value-added chain in metalworking. We advise on the best materials and offer the customer our full support throughout the entire production process, including the packaging phase. Even at the very early stages of a project, we can offer assistance and develop tailor-made solutions.

How does the company offer customers a flexible service along every step of the production process?

The key is the modularity on offer. We not only provide our services individually, but also as a complete package. While we concentrate on prototyping for one customer, we produce a large series for many other clients. Cendres+Métaux offers a wide range of services and our flexibility is much appreciated from the customer’s point of view.

What does Cendres+Métaux offer in terms of production?

We have mastered a wide range of manufacturing technologies. Whether it’s turning, milling, injection moulding or converting, we have the necessary specialists in-house and can offer the highest quality. In addition, we are very well networked and can fall back on established partnerships. Another plus is our material testing. In the fields of metallurgy and analytics, we are able to act very quickly and effectively.

What future plans does the company have?

Our main goal is to continue to develop our manufacturing technologies and materials, and constantly expand our range of products and services. Increasing regulatory requirements is an important topic for all medical technology companies. We will be implementing regulatory changes sooner than we would normally be required to.

Proximity to the market is extremely important to us. Indeed, we maintain a lively exchange with our customers in the market to identify future trends in manufacturing medical products. After all, our profound expertise must be cultivated and developed further.