Sophisticated solutions in the field of medical device implants often require a range of skills that a single company can hardly master alone. Such developments require close cooperation with partners who offer complementary competencies. Cendres+Métaux, a Swiss manufacturer of high-precision implantable components, has specialised in offering related skills and services to further the market success of its customers.

120 years of history

Cendres+Métaux was founded more than 120 years ago collecting the noble metals containing production scraps from nearby watchmaking and jewellery manufacturers and reclaiming their valuable ingredients. The wealth of know-how in the field of noble metal metallurgy stemming from these activities was helpful in developing materials that could be used for body implants. In this context, the company also soon began to turn its focus to other bio-compatible materials such as titanium, stainless steels or cobalt-chromium as well as biocompatible polymers such as PEEK or PEKK. Fast forwarding to our time, the company is now well established as one of the most renowned producers in this field and is a valued engineering partner for numerous manufacturers of medical devices ranging from maxillodental implants to cardiac pacemakers, joint resp. vascular prostheses up to highly sophisticated devices such as permanently implanted hearing aids or interface connectors for haemodialysis patients.

Engineering partnership based on mutual confidence

Medical technology developments require the interdisciplinary cooperation of partners with comparably high levels of competence in the field. An important prerequisite is in-depth experience with the rules and prescriptions governing the activities related to the development and approval of medical technology products. In the early stages of such a project, an assessment of the basic feasibility of expectations and of the processes that might be suited to master the production of the desired device often plays a decisive role. This in turn means that a positive outcome of such a project is more likely the earlier in the development process the partners begin to cooperate. For such endeavours, Cendres+Métaux can contribute a host of very experienced specialist teams along the whole value chain. The number and extent of customer projects that it has been able to foster until market maturity and successful commercialisation underscores its role as a competent and trustworthy partner for new development undertakings.

Cendres+Métaux masters the full range of manufacturing technologies in its sector, from basic production processing such as casting, forming, turning, milling or injection moulding through surface treating, cleaning, assembly and packaging to supply chain and E2E (end-to-end) order management.