For more than 20 years Bartels Mikrotechnik has been a pioneer in the manufacture of microsystem components. The company specialises in innovative applications of micro systems technology (MST) in the branches of classical consumer goods, mechanical engineering and medical technology. In addition to the key area of microfluidics, microactuators and micromechanics count to the company’s technological focus as well.

The international activities of Bartels Mikrotechnik subdivide into two business segments: both segments go hand in hand with each other and support the development and increasement of the other.

microComponents – our range of products, 100 % German engineering

We distribute self-developed microfluidic products. The key products are our micropumps. They are even available in starter sets and other component parts like electronic controllers. Our microvalves (mp-av) and filters (mp-f) are just a few of the products our product range has to offer.

We ensure that our hardware is globally available at all times thanks to our numerous worldwide distributors, and we also offer an accessible service that provides you with expert advice at all times.

The mp6 micropump series – small, flat and 100% tested

Our mp6 series is small, flat, customisable and compatible with a wide range of media. The mp6 series micropumps convey micro quantities of gases, liquids or mixtures. The material of our pumps is polymeric and therefore large quantities are inexpensive to produce. Due to their radically simple design, these piezoelectric diaphragm pumps are not only offered as standard products but can easily be adapted to customer specific requirements as well.

In addition, the series already offers specialised pumps for your desired application. The mp6 micropump is ideal as a disposable item. Each pump is tested for its specifications before leaving the warehouse. First-class technology and competent employees ensure our quality promise (certified according to ISO 9001: 2015) and this ensures the smooth operation of our micropumps.

The Genius-Infu-Pump – today’s way of infusion

The genius-infu-pump combines the Bartels Mikrotechnik’s mp6 micropump with Sensirion’s LD20 single-use liquid flow sensor. It is complex and intelligent system that allows a regulation of flow rates for different media with highest precision – regardless of temperature and viscosity.

The accuracy of drug-dosage determines the success of a therapy, because of the concave pressure profile of common elastomer pumps medication is always under and overdosed.

The genius-infu-pump is the high-quality, modern alternative to elastomeric infusion pumps that are outdated and do not take advantage of current options. A suitable Bluetooth device can be utilised easily and properly by different users for adjustment and control. It also features time-saving automatic data transfer with immediate documentation.

microEngeneering – our innovation service for you

Together with you, we innovate. With our specialised microfluidic know-how we develop individual, flexible and market-driven product solutions that exactly meet your requirements.

The idea is to support industrial customers in the transformation of conventional product solutions into product innovations by the means of MST – opening up completely new possibilities. No matter if optimisations of existing products or completely new inventions are requested – flexible, individual and market-oriented solutions will be developed. The customisation of micropumps and the correspondent electronic controllers is part of the services Bartels Mikrotechnik offers in the microEngineering segment.

About Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH

Ever since the foundation of the Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH in 1996, the company has been a synonym for great innovative power and microtechnological know-how.

Founder and owner Dr Frank Bartels is still the CEO of the company, which benefits from his decision to locate his firm at the high technology location of Dortmund in order to build up a strong and reliable network. As former chairman of IVAM Microtechnology Network, the physicist, who was born in 1956, continues this idea of connecting and synthesising resources.

The company is full of diversity (in gender, age, education and profession), and driven by innovation and creating high-quality solutions. We offer 100% tested, high-performance and high-quality products for your individual issues, developed by our experts.

We are always there for you, whether you need consultation or services.

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