India-based medical equipment developer HMS Medical Systems has launched SONOMED 9S, an interferential and ultrasound combo machine.

SONOMED 9S is an advanced combination therapy technology. It has four different modalities, including ultrasound and electrotherapy applications to offer treatment versatility.

The device features a user-friendly 7” colour touchscreen interface, designed with precision and usability in mind.

The intuitive design facilitates easy navigation and control, simplifying treatment sessions. This allows medical practitioners to concentrate on patient care and less on device operation.

SONOMED 9S has easy intensity adjustment and over 132 pre-programmed treatment protocols to serve a variety of therapeutic needs.

The device is intended to offer personalised solutions for a range of needs, from musculoskeletal injuries to chronic pain and post-operative recovery.

Integration of ultrasound functions enables the device to facilitate deep tissue heating, foster blood circulation, and expedite healing.

On the other hand, electrotherapy provides pain alleviation, muscle stimulation, and tissue repair benefits.

Through the fusion of these modalities, the SONOMED 9S provides treatment strategies that elevate patient outcomes and satisfaction levels, HMS Medical Systems said.

Additionally, the combination therapy technology is said to have a sleek, ergonomic design that can fit in any healthcare setting.

The device’s compact size ensures effortless incorporation into established treatment areas, while its sturdy build guarantees durability and lasting performance, claimed the company.

HMS Medical Systems said that SONOMED 9S is suitable for healthcare practitioners aiming to elevate their clinical practice and enrich patient experiences.

The company also has three other ultrasound combination therapy devices which include SONOMED 302, SONOMED 7s, and SONOTENS.

In March last year, the medical equipment developer introduced the PST 5000s – Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy Machine.

PST 5000s offer a non-invasive treatment option for fast and effective relief from chronic pain and injuries.