Fischer Connectors, the global provider of ultra-reliable and high-performance connectivity solutions, continues to push the boundaries of innovation in rugged miniaturisation, high-speed data transmission, sealing, wearability and the Internet of Things (IoT). At the biennial tradeshow Electronica (Munich, 13-16 November 2018), the company showcases on booth no. 219 (hall B2) how it is reimagining connectivity with its customers thanks to breakthrough and forward-looking technological partnerships with Wearable Technologies Ltd. and SolarStratos, as well as cross-market customer applications in the medical, security, industrial, unmanned vehicles, marine and miniature computing fields.

Jonathan Brossard, Fischer Connectors Group’s CEO, explains: “The electronics world is changing at an incredible speed, and the connectivity solutions that make electronic ecosystems work efficiently, reliably and safely are instrumental in driving the technological innovations that shape our world. Our long-term vision for connectivity is based on our sense of responsibility as a global provider of pioneering and ultra-reliable connectivity solutions that are easy to use and to integrate into our customers’ devices. We are showcasing at Electronica examples of how Fischer Connectors has helped turn ambitious ideas into solutions that shape the future.”

In addition to an array of assembled and integrated solutions used in customer devices for a wide range of hightech industries, visitors of Fischer Connectors’ booth can discover some of the most innovative applications on the market today engineered to meet wearability and IoT as well as high-speed data transmission requirements – two of the hottest trends in the electronics industry.

The entire product portfolio of Fischer Connectors showcased at Electronica includes two of the company’s newest and most innovative solutions in these fields: the breakthrough plug and use Fischer Freedom Series launched last June, and the new configurations of the ultra-miniature signal & power Fischer MiniMax Series compliant with the latest data protocols USB 3.0, Ethernet and HDMI.

Visitors can also talk to Fischer Connectors’ technological partners who will be joining them on the booth showcasing their pioneering work in:

  • The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and wearable solutions with Mark Bernstein, CEO of Wearable Technologies Ltd (WTL) from the UK. WTL’s connected smart worker platform uses the plug & use Fischer FreedomTM Series in smart garments for industrial workers. These garments have an array of sensors and devices that enable real-time monitoring and data analysis of multiple workers’ health, wellbeing, and exposure to potential hazards and dangers, such as noise, gas, vibration, proximity, plus biometrics sensors, as well as radios, GPS, etc. The data is collected centrally and sent to their dashboard which displays data from all specified workers simultaneously and in real-time. WTL will be running continuous, live demos of its IIoT smart worker ecosystem and dashboard on the booth.
  • Electrical solar aviation with Raphaël Domjan, founder and pilot of SolarStratos. Fischer Connectors is an official partner and proud provider of the mission-critical connectivity solutions for this Swiss project which aims to shape the future of solar-powered aviation by sending the first manned solar plane to the stratosphere. SolarStratos will organise daily live demos of its flight simulator on the booth.

Vision and innovation come with clear communications and insights:

  • Attendees to the electronica Embedded Platforms Conference (eEPC) can learn more about connectivity trends in the presentation given by Fischer Connectors’ Research & Innovation Manager Jean-Marie Buchilly:
    • “Connectivity industry: a key innovation driver in the wearability of electronic devices and in the Internet of Things”, Thursday 15 November 10:20-11:00, ICM – International Congress Center.
  • At the Electrical Connectors’ Forum, Fischer Connectors USA’s National Sales Manager David Ptacek will explain how the technological innovations brought by the breakthrough plug and use Fischer FreedomTM Series facilitate integration, maximise usability and optimise cable management for a wide variety of applications, especially for portable and body-worn ones and smart garments for industrial workers.
    • “Breakthrough connectivity innovations for wearables, smart garments and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)”, Thursday 15 November, 16:30-17:00, Hall C2.209.