Compounding Solutions LLC, a global leader in custom medical plastics compounding, has recently announced the launch of a new universal antimicrobial masterbatch under the Defend Rx brand name utilising the silver based antimicrobial technology from BioCote®.

Defend Rx antimicrobial masterbatches have been designed and tested for use in a wide range of medical device applications to combat negative effects of microbes such as bacteria and mould that can cause odours, staining and material degradation.

Defend Rx antimicrobial masterbatches offer a lower cost, lower inventory option – with order quantities as little as one pound – using a universal medical polymer carrier that is compatible for use in all the widely used medical polymers, including polyolefins, ABS, polyamides, PEBAs, TPU, and TPE. The use of Defend Rx masterbatches is customisable based on the desired efficacy rate of the device application. Sterilisation of medical devices using Defend Rx is not affected as the recommended method of the resin manufacturer can still be used.