Mitcham (UK), 19 August 2013: Carclo Diagnostic Solutions Ltd announces encouraging progress with its development of a proof-of-concept blood coagulation test using its micropoc-CAT device. The company has successfully demonstrated both Pro-thrombin Time (PT) and International Normalised Ratio (INR) functionality on its most recent test platform. The development has also included the use of a finger-loaded sample into a sample volume-metering zone and integrated chase buffer release system. The interim test platform uses a separate electronics module, which will be fully integrated onto the device in its final version.

Micropoc-CAT is a quantitative device format within CDS’s micropoc family of disposable diagnostic devices. The company is seeking to license its innovative enabling technology to partners in the Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostics and home health screening arenas.

Carclo Diagnostic Solutions Ltd,, was formed in June 2011 and has developed a proof-of-concept, microfluidic platform which takes a sample of body fluid and provides a permanent output of a quantitative test result. The low cost technology, branded micropoc-CAT, utilizes Capillary Agglutination Technology and has initially been developed to enable users to test degree of blood coagulation. This is useful in the monitoring of patients taking Warfarin and other blood-thinning products.

One of the key features of the product is the simplicity of blood sampling and test control. The technology is available to interested parties to license and apply to their own specific assay in return for manufacturing rights.

Carclo Diagnostic Solutions Ltd brings together expertise from Carclo Technical Plastics in the manufacturing of microfluidic diagnostic devices, electronics expertise from Conductive Inkjet Technology and in-house development of hydrophilic surface treatment, reagent chemistry and welding/assembly techniques.

Carclo Technical Plastics,, is the largest division within Carclo plc with manufacturing operations in the UK, East and West USA, Czech Republic, India and China. The business is a contract manufacturer for the Healthcare (medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and ophthalmic sectors), Electronics and Lighting industries. Typical healthcare products include drug delivery devices and diagnostic consumables.

Carclo plc,, is a public company whose shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Carclo’s strategy is to develop new technologies and products to drive future growth. Its investment in Conductive Inkjet Technology Ltd is at the heart of the newly emerging market for very low cost printed electronics.

Contact: Martin Day, +44 208 685 0500