B. Braun Interventional Systems (BIS), a part of the B. Braun Group of Companies, has debuted its new ACCEL All-Purpose and Biliary Drainage Catheters.

The ACCEL drainage catheters are available with TrueGlide Hydrophilic Coating for percutaneous drainage. They are used for the drainage of abscess and fluid collections.

Made from a soft, biocompatible, and radiopaque polyurethane material, the ACCEL All-Purpose and Biliary Drainage Catheters are engineered to prioritise both patient comfort and clinical care.  

The catheters have five large oval drainage holes, which are intended to maximise fluid drainage capacity.

In addition, the incorporation of the TrueGlide Hydrophilic Coating ensures a smooth insertion process.

The drainage catheters are available in standard pigtail, mini-closed loop pigtail, and J-curved catheter sets to meet all types of patients’ needs. They can be used for biliary, abscess, and other multipurpose drainage.

The ACCEL All-purpose and Biliary Drainage Catheters are available in a range of sizes from 5-16 Fr, with the French size marked on the strain relief. Additionally, they come in catheter working lengths of 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 35cm, and 40cm sizes.

Furthermore, the placement of these all-purpose drainage catheters can be performed using direct access or the Seldinger Technique.

Constructed from flexible polyurethane material and featuring a reinforced tip, these catheters are engineered to resist kinking and ensure optimal placement.

B. Braun Interventional Systems vice president Dave Mittl said: “We are excited to expand our percutaneous drainage portfolio of products with the ACCEL All-Purpose and Biliary Drainage Catheters, now offering a full-system drainage solution to our customers and bringing value to their drainage procedures.

“Our comprehensive portfolio of sizes and configurations is designed to meet patients’ various drainage needs to help improve outcomes.”

B. Braun Interventional Systems said that it is expanding its range of percutaneous drainage products over growing market demands. The company added that it is committed to enhancing the efficacy, safety, and overall value of drainage procedures.