American medical devices manufacturer Applied Medical Technology (AMT) has launched its new nasal airway support system, IntelAir, to improve the standard of anaesthesia care.

IntelAir is a single-use device engineered to ensure secure airway placement, prevent cannula migration, and ensure free airflow.

The nasopharyngeal airway (NPA) device is employed during monitored anaesthesia to aid the soft palate and tongue in sedated patients. It is said to address both practitioner requirements and patient comfort.

Alco called nasal trumpet, nasopharyngeal airway is a flexible tube designed for temporary insertion into the nasal cavity to establish an open airway.

Applied Medical Technology said that IntelAir’s anatomical design aims to minimise bleeding and trauma during insertion.  

Crafted from medical-grade silicone, the bolster gently adheres to the nose, protecting against pressure injuries to the ala.

In addition, the device offers clinicians protection against tube displacement, reliable oxygen delivery, and consistent end-tidal monitoring.

According to Applied Medical Technology, IntelAir integrates oxygen delivery, airway management, and capnography sampling into one streamlined device with a minimal footprint.

Applied Medical Technology founder and CEO George Picha said: “We designed the IntelAir to fulfill a market need; while some devices focused on patient needs and others on clinician needs, none appropriately served both.

“With this all-in-one device, users can benefit from the streamlined approach paired with AMT’s commitment to excellence.”

The addition of IntelAir expands Applied Medical Technology’s surgical product portfolio. The range includes products like suture delivery systems, initial placement kits, smoke evacuators, retractors, and others. IntelAir is now on the market, offered both with and without tubing in different lengths.