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UDI – patient safety with serial codes

There are growing calls for medical devices to be individually linked to patients through unique serial numbers. Jim Banks talks to the Association of British Healthcare Industries’ Michael Kreuzer, who works closely with Eucomed, to discuss the need for unique device identification and the challenges of implementation at a global level.

On target: the medical devices evolution

There has been a rapid evolution in the physical and technological nature of medical devices. This means that positioning systems must adapt quickly to stay accurate and up-to-date, as Ulf Hottung, industry manager, medical technology at Igus, explains to Nic Paton.

Combination devices: stronger together

Growth in combination devices has resulted in partnerships between manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and academia. Andy Förster, EMEA leader of the peripheral intervention clinical division of Cook Medical, speaks to Jim Banks about how the sector can work together to achieve further therapeutic advances in the future.

How packaging can aid patient compliance

The packaging of drugs is an area fraught with challenges, but it also provides opportunities. Tassilo Korab, HCPC Europe, explains how packaging can play a key role in the crucial area of patient compliance.

Gamma irradiation cleans up

Gamma rays form part of a standard process for the sterilisation and decontamination of medical devices. But, although the technology is advantageous and well established, the process can be complicated. Tim Sandle, head of microbiology at Bio Products Laboratory, and Madhu Raju Saghee, quality assurance professional at Gland Pharma, investigate.

Medical supply chain: a matter of life and death

Good supply chain management is arguably more important in the medical device sector than in any other industry. Nic Paton speaks to Kevin Stout, executive director and founder of the Medical Device Industry Supply Chain Council, about getting life-saving devices to the operating theatre on time.

Medical devices manufacturing under scrutiny

As globalisation opens up the medical devices industry, products can be manufactured almost anywhere in the world. Mark Bonifacio, owner of medical devices consultancy Bonifacio Consulting Services, speaks to Nic Paton about new powers being introduced in the US to allow closer inspection of foreign drug and medical device manufacturing facilities.

Micro-management boost for medical devices development

Micro-moulding in bioresorbable polymers can forge new ground in the development of medical devices. According to micro-manufacturing expert Donna Bibber, this can save significant sums of money, but only if an automation process is used.

Microfluidics: a crucial enabling technology

Over 50 years ago, microelectronics revolutionised the way components and circuits were manufactured. Now, a similar tidal change is taking place as miniaturisation makes its mark in life sciences. Claudia Gärtner, CEO of microfluidic ChipShop, looks at how integrated microfluidic platforms are making waves.

Time to invest in Swiss medtech

As Europe endures its toughest economic challenge, investment will be the lifeblood of any sustainable recovery. Medical Device Developments summarises the Swiss Medical Cluster’s recently published ‘Swiss Medtech Report’, which advises investors how to maximise the country’s medical technology infrastructure.