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Study calls for repeal of tax

Just a few months after the implementation of the US medical device tax, and hot on the heels of much criticism for it, a new study has concluded the policy should be repealed.

Medical device scorecard launched

A consortium of healthcare providers from across the US has been established to independently test medical devices and their effectiveness over their lifetime

Glucose meter fault warning

Diabetics in the UK have been urged to check the blood glucose meters they use. Publicising the advice to individual users and healthcare workers the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products, Regulatory Agency (MHRA) warned the fault, found in two types of monitors manufactured by LifeScan, had the potential to affect around 22,000 people.

Europe split on approvals

In March the European Commission and Parliament were reported to be in a disagreement over the possible introduction of central agency to oversee the approval of medical devices.

Medical devices in pill form

A team of researchers have announced they are developing what they describe as edible medical devices.