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Down to the wire: health IT infrastructure gets smart

The wireless networks that connect electronic medical record systems to medical devices are rapidly evolving. Elly Earls talks to Philips’ Paul Coss and Delroy Smith and Welch Allyn’s Garrison Gomez about two of the primary types of infrastructure available to transmit life-critical patient data.

Better by design: keeping the user in mind

User-centred design is a legal requirement for medical device development that goes well beyond ensuring basic safety. Jennifer Martin of the University of Nottingham expains why exhaustive research and testing play such an integral role when it comes to satisfying user requirements.

Injection moulders pump up the volume

Medical device manufacturers are under pressure to produce innovative, high-tech products in ever greater volumes. Harald Schmidt of Mold Hotrunner Solutions tells Medical Device Developments how injection moulded plastic parts in general, and hot runner systems in particular, can offer flexibility and cost-efficiency to the booming healthcare industry.

Patently obvious: the importance of a strict IP regime

For all its difficulties, the international patent system is still a hugely important way of safeguarding new ideas. Mark Pullen of Watermark discusses the need for strong contractor relations, the effects of the global downturn on research and development, and the coming of age of China’s intellectual property regime.

Choosing the right EMS partner

Demand for contractors that can provide end-to-end electronic manufacturing services is set to soar. Mike Tendick of Plexus Corp explains to Nic Paton what cash-strapped medical device manufacturers need to look for when selecting an outsourcing specialist.

Acoustic micro-devices make sound progress

Early detection of circulating tumour cells in peripheral blood may help determine the effectiveness of cancer therapies. Itziar González of the Spanish National Research Council explains the benefits of a new, non-invasive approach that uses ultrasonic technology to identify suspect cells.

Value judgements: Q1 medical device deals

Rising valuations caused M&As and asset transactions to fall in value by 75% in Q1 2011, reports GlobalData.

Top ten green medical devices

1. FLEXBUMIN, BaxterField: Flexible packaging

Injection of pace: the insulin delivery devices market spikes

The global insulin delivery devices market is set to be worth $10.8 billion by 2016, reports GlobalData. This growth is driven by an increase in the incidence of diabetes worldwide and ongoing investment in new technologies that serve niche patient groups.

The need for speed: the US race to improve device regulation

US regulators’ plans to share data, quickening the medical product approval process, have met with a lukewarm reception. Thomas Novelli of the Medical Device Manufacturers Association explains to Rhian Owen why the FDA and CMS’ proposed ‘parallel review’ process is attempting to solve more issues than it can handle.