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25 September 2021
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Spin doctor
When spider webs get inside, our first impulse is to clean them away. But the sticky filigree isn’t dirty in itself. In fact, the material we try to keep out of our houses might be the key to tackling bacterial infection in our bodies. Natalie Healey speaks to spider-silk researcher Thomas Scheibel at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, to find out more.

Make it wearable
Whether the technology monitors, manages or stimulates, someone’s probably trying to make it into a wearable – and the market is booming in line with the rise in telemedicine. Abi Millar asks Neil Harris, general manager of Abbott’s diabetes care business in the UK and Ireland, and Bernard Ross, CEO and founder of Sky Medical Technology, how breakthrough devices split the difference between patient and consumer.

The inside story
Neuromonitoring and neuromodulation technologies combine practical tools for patient care with what often seem like plot points from science fiction, and are on their way to erasing the traditional boundaries between medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The CEOs of two start-ups using new types of electrodes to define the space, Manfred Franke of Neuronoff and Luca Ravagnan of WISE, talk through their approaches to navigating the industry’s newest frontier.

Prove your metal
Increasingly, the medical device industry is turning to metal injection moulding to manufacture small complex components. If anyone happened to miss that, the past 18 months have revealed just how important the technology has become. Donald Heaney, editor of the Handbook of Metal Injection Molding, as well as the CEO of Advanced Powder Products, and Nicholas Eidem, the company’s director of business development, explain why.

Future shock
AI and machine learning have promised to transform medical device manufacturing for years – but, stymied by challenging data, it’s only recently being embraced by the biggest names in the industry. Andrea Valentino chats to Joe Corrigan, head of intelligent healthcare at Cambridge Consultants, about how new technology is making production oversight faster and more efficient.

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