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Zeus has been delivering precision polymer solutions to the medical industry for more than 50 years. Specialising in fluoropolymer extrusions including but not limited to PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, and PVDF, we also are experts in PEEK, Polyimide and a variety of implantable materials, such as bioabsorbable polymers. Our customers also rely on us for more traditional engineered plastics.

Headquartered in Orangeburg, SC, we operate multiple facilities in North America and internationally guaranteeing a stable supply of our products around the world. We also serve in the aerospace, automotive, energy, fiber optics, and fluid management markets. Our resources include a team of polymer scientists and engineers that are focused on providing customised solutions to foster customer concepts into prototypes that yield commercialised medical devices.

Zeus gets You where You need to be within the Body

Zeus PTFE liners provide a lubricious inner catheter lumen that allows physicians to access and deliver the latest life-saving therapies to the smallest, most remote and tortuous vasculature in the body. The latest StreamLiner Series of ultra-thin-walled PTFE extruded liners are the thinnest in the market. Available in a maximum wall thickness of 0.00075" (0.01905 mm), these liners offer improved flexibility while maintaining strength never before attainable in such a small size. This allows medical device designers the latitude to build a high performing catheter in smaller diameters.

Zeus was one of the first commercial extruders of PTFE. As the foundation for catheter construction, we provide PTFE mandrels that can also be glass filled for added rigidity and column stiffness. These mandrels present the lowest friction surface, especially against the StreamLiner PTFE liner, making these mandrels easy to remove after catheter construction.

MRI-Compatibility and Bond Strength

Zeus is the only maker of high-tensile LCP monofilament for catheter braiding. Despite being non-metal, LCP braiding rivals stainless steel in some areas creating the potential for a truly MRI-compatible catheter. LCP can be as small as 0.002"" (0.051 mm) in diameter, keeping your device size to an absolute minimum.

For enhanced mechanical attributes, our Tie Layer, applied over the liner and before braiding, improves liner-to-jacket bond strength more than 2½?. We offer tie layers in several materials including Pebax, nylons, and TPUs, and in multiple durometers giving you more control over your device design and performance.

Easy Jacket Reflow with Zeus FluoroPEELZ Peelable Heat Shrink

With your catheter jacket in place, covering the jacket with Zeus FluoroPEELZ peelable heat shrink will be the best part of your assembly process. Once heated, FluoroPEELZ shrinks not only serving as containment for the reflowing jacket but also to compress the jacket into the braiding or coil for efficient and thorough penetration and bonding to the tie layer coated PTFE liner.

With the reflow step complete, FluoroPEELZ is notched on the end with our exclusive slit fixture. This device all but guarantees a centered and safe cut, allowing it to be easily peeled away leaving a smooth and even catheter surface finish. FluoroPEELZ reduces yield loss, speeds production, and improves safety!

Zeus Implantables - Bioabsorbable Extrusions and Aeos ePTFE Sutures

Our Absorv bioabsorbable extrusions safely exist in the body for controlled lengths of time. Absorv allows surgeons to tailor the degradation rate of this implantable material to match tissue repair. Especially suited for applications such as stent scaffolds, controlled drug release, and even tissue engineering, Absorv is an alternative to traditional polymers and metal implants.

Zeus also offers permanently implantable products. Our Aeos ePTFE Suture Monofilament is a microporous material supporting new tissue ingrowth and less scarring. This monofilament can be swaged onto needles up to a 1:1 needle-to-suture ratio and is available in bulk quantities to create your own suture lines.

Bioweb Nonwovens

Bioweb composites are made from Zeus' proprietary electrospinning technology to create a microporous material with nano-scale fibers. As a nonwoven, Bioweb can often attain thinner profiles than similar woven materials making it a better choice for vascular applications. Bioweb encapsulation can be applied to a range of 3-D substrates, and its extremely low chemical reactivity means that it will not degrade metal stents.

Over 50 years of Industry Solutions

From catheter componentry to products for orthopaedic, dental, to heart valve repair, and more, we have developed our products around the properties that our medical customers say matter most. Zeus fluoropolymers, LCP, nylons, and other performance extrusions have found their way into nearly every medical niche. And our customisation capabilities let you design your product to go almost anywhere within the body.

Our medical markets include endovascular - comprising cardio-, neuro-, and peripheral vasculatures; cardiac rhythm management (CRM), electrophysiology (EP), structural heart applications, and gastrointestinal endoscopy (GI ENDO). Other medical applications include diabetes management, oncology, brachytherapy; ear, nose, and throat (ENT); urology, neuromodulation, renal applications, drug delivery, orthopedic, and cosmetic surgery.

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Zeus Letterkenny Ireland facility
Components of catheter construction
Scaffold laser cut from Zeus Absorv bioabsorbable tubing
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